Your Guide to Buying a Console Table


Console tables are primarily used in drawing rooms or lounges for keeping decorative ornaments or television sets. If you have a large TV, you will need to purchase a console to store your TV on it. Even if you wish to mount the TV on the wall, having a console underneath is still a preferred choice. The table allows you to keep additional items nearby, such as gaming consoles, DVD players, as well as TV guides and any other media-based literature. However, buying a console is not as straightforward or as simple as it looks. With so many different varieties available in the market, it can be difficult for a first time buyer to make the right purchase. Here is a brief guide for those who wish to buy a console to use with their TV.


Console tables are generally made from wood. However, over the past few years, metallic variants (especially wrought iron) have also been introduced. One of the first things that you will have to consider when buying a console table is the particular material it’s made from. Even if you choose a wooden table, there are so many different types of wood used in furniture manufacturing that you’ll definitely have to do some comparison shopping. For instance, laminate is a cheap and sturdy option. Laminate wood can easily last for several years to come and it doesn’t cost a lot of money either.

However, there are better, more beautiful-looking options available in the market as well. Some of the more expensive types of wood, such as ebony, lignum vitae, or sandalwood will cost you a small fortune. Do you really want to spend that much money on a simple table? A furniture aficionado will be able to distinguish between the different types of woods just by looking at the table.


Console tables are available in plenty of different designs. It’s important for you to choose one that actually complements the other furniture in the room. For instance, if the other furniture in your house follows a particular design theme, you should choose a table that follows the same design pattern. These are subtle things that could leave a major impact on visitors, friends, and family members. Therefore, you should look through different designs and choose the one that actually blends in with the other furniture in the house.

Where to Buy?

Now, there are plenty of furniture shops through which you can buy tables and consoles. Most shops offer readymade tables and furniture items for you to choose from. However, if you want, you can also ask the company to make a custom table for you, as per the design blueprint you provide.

Obviously, custom tables are going to cost a bit more, so you should request a quote first before placing an order. A decent table in your TV lounge could actually improve the style and outlook of the whole room, making it seem more stylish and elegant. Numerous companies also offer the option of ordering furniture online nowadays, so you can browse through their products online from the comforts of your own home.