Why Mosquitos Are Dangerous

Most people do not like mosquitoes because they can be a nuisance. However, it is important to note that mosquitoes can do a lot more than just annoy you. They can cause serious health problems.

Health Problems That Mosquitoes Can Cause

Mosquitos Are Dangerous

Dengue Fever

Dengue fever is a mosquito-born illness that can cause muscle, joint pain and high fever. Severe cases can cause a decrease in blood pressure, excessive bleeding and death. One of the reasons that this condition is so dangerous is because there are no vaccines or medications available to treat it. The only thing that a person can do if he or she develops this condition is rest and stay hydrated.

Deaths from dengue fever are rare. In fact, less than one percent of people who contract this disease will die from it. However, it is estimated that 500,000 people in the world are hospitalized each year because of dengue fever. Two percent of the people who are admitted to the hospital for dengue fever die from it.


Malaria is a condition that is caused by infected female mosquitoes. A pregnant mother can also transmit this disease to her mother. Malaria can cause flu-like symptoms, such as fever, chills and body aches. Severe cases can cause coma, kidney failure and death.

There are many things that can be done to reduce your risk of Malaria. If you will be traveling to South Africa, Latin America or India, then you should take anti-Malaria pills before your trip. These drugs not only help prevent Malaria, but they can also treat the infection if one already has it. You will also need to wear an insect repellent in order to reduce your chances of getting bitten by a mosquito. There is no vaccine for Malaria, but researchers are hoping that one will be available within the next few years.

Zika Virus

The Zika Virus is a condition that is most prevalent in Central and South America. However, there have been a few cases reported in the United States. Infected female mosquitoes cause the Zika virus. Fever, rash, headache and joint pain are some of the symptoms of this condition.

Zika Virus can be passed from mother to baby. The virus has also been linked to birth defects. Pregnant women are strongly encouraged to avoid traveling to areas where the Zika virus is prevalent.

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