What is a Greender and How to Use It

In the recent years, marijuana has always been part of debates. Its legalization is always an issue, however, there are states which have given approvable into the legalized use of marijuana. With this, variety of marijuana technology has been developed, one is with the grinders which is one way to pre-use the marijuana. Though it is currently known as grinders, in the world of weed, it also known as “greender”. So, what is greender? It is a slang word for weed grinders, which not many have known.

What is Greender?

Greender, as mentioned, is a slang word for weed grinder. This greender can be used to chop or grind weeds. A common or standard greender usually comes in two compartments, one part having the teeth for grinding and the other for storage of the kush. When it comes to smoking weed, you would need to break down the herb. Now, to save you from the hassle of manually breaking the herb, the greender is created. There are different kinds of grinder, it could be made of wood, acrylic or aluminum.


  • You would not have to manually cut the weed. You just have to put the weed into the greender and let it do the job.
  • You can just save your herb directly into the greender. You would not have to worry about the place to hide your herb.
  • Kief can also be created through the grinder. This is made up of weed which is ground up.


  • Most of the greender clog after using it for a while.
  • There will be times when you would find it hard to twist the grinder.
  • Greender will have to be cleaned frequently if you want for it to last.

How to Use a Grinder

If you have never used a grinder, then let us walk you through how to use a grinder or greender because first time can be really confusing. Or you might have been using your grinder the wrong way, so you might want to check this out.

Choose the Best Grinder


The first thing that you should know is to pick the best greender. Make sure to choose the best grinder with the best feature and, of course, one that will suit your budget. Not all grinders with good performance are expensive, you just have to look more into the products available in the market. What should you be looking for a greender? Look for those that can give you fast grinding performance and good kief. Aside from that, you should also consider the material of the grinder. Those greender which are made of aluminum are the best, or read further article tackling the materials of greender for additional information. An example of high quality greender is the Chromium Crusher and as well as the Space Case.

Avoid overfilling Chamber

One important thing on how to use a grinder is not overfilling the top chamber of the greender. It may be tempting to load as much as possible in the greender the first time but you need to hold back yourself from doing it because you will not have a satisfying outcome. Overfilling the chamber, will not give you a fine residue. It would be better to grind up smaller amount each load. Though, with this, it will cause you more time, but it will definitely be worth it.

Turn the Grinder Up and Down

Turning the grinder upside down can actually give good performance. This method is said to help grind the weed finely. But, you should make sure of holding the top cap of your grinder to avoid it from falling off.

Thoroughly grind the Herb

How to use a grinder that will assure a good output? Well, you will know if the herb is completely grinded up if you will feel no resistance from the grinder when you twist it. From the start, where you have just put the herb into the grinder, cutting the herb with grinder seems hard since it is still being grinded by the grinder teeth. The more that the herb is grinded, the more easy it is to twist the grinder.

Collect Kief

When you say kief, it is the fine material or the outcome after grinding the herb or weed. It is built up in the metal screen filter of the grinder. Usually, it has higher THC content than taking a regular marijuana. If you use the grinder multiple times, then the kief will naturally be built up in the chamber of your grinder.

Final Thoughts

That’s it! Planning to buy a greender? Be sure to look up into the tips that we have given. Choose the best grinder that suits your budget. Read more reviews as well so you would not have any regrets after buying one.