Upgrading Garage Doors on Residential Properties – A Few Things to Think About

London homeowners whose homes are blessed with a garage enjoy a host of benefits, provided they have selected the most suitable garage door for their residential property. With a great range of garage door types available, homeowners upgrading the doors on their garages have an excellent selection to choose from, but choosing a door for a garage is a major decision, one that you want to get right the first time.

Garage Door Types – Which Door Is Right for Your Home?

The three main types of garage doors that homeowners across London have to select from are roller, retractable and sectional garage doors, all of which have advantages and disadvantages depending on the property and certain aspects of the garage, for example, the depth/length and height. Due to these advantages and disadvantages, it’s advisable to work out which door type best suits your residential property before you start looking for garage doors in London on a leading business listings website like Thomson Local.

In garages that aren’t very deep/long, i.e. there isn’t a great deal of space between the far wall and the door opening, the car will be positioned closer to the door opening, making roller and sectional garage doors the most astute varieties because there’s no swing out as there is with retractable garage doors. However, in garages lacking headroom, retractable garage doors are the best door type because the lifting arms are positioned higher on the frame and door panel.

These aren’t the only garage door types that you have to select from for your detached house in Croydon or the block of flats you manage in Islington, as there are also ‘round the corner’ garage doors, which are great for properties lacking both headroom and depth, and sideward opening garage doors, which can be either inward or outward opening to suit the garage space.

To select the most suitable garage door type for your London home, take the following points into account:

  • The height, depth/length and width of the garage and door opening
  • The amount of space between the door opening and the ceiling
  • Obstacles to the left and right of the door opening

Investigating these factors helps you to select the most suitable garage door type based on your space requirements. It doesn’t take into account style considerations, but by narrowing down the selection of door types available to you first, you can then start to look for a garage door that enhances the aesthetics of your London home, whether that’s a cottage with a detached garage in Woolwich or a semi-detached home with internal garage in Charlton.

Garage Door Materials

Once you’ve narrowed your search down to one or two different garage door types, for example, roller garage doors and sectional garage doors, you can then start looking at different materials. In certain environments, for instance, humid environments, a certain door material is preferable, which in this case is aluminium as it’s rust-resistant. However, in all areas of London, any of the following door materials is ideal taking into account the climate and weather.

Steel – Offering the broadest range of colour, insulation and price options, steel garage doors are an excellent choice for all London homes. These doors are available in different steel layers, with many homeowners in areas hit by high crime rates selecting steel doors due to their impenetrable qualities. While steel garage doors are as strong and sturdy as they come, all garage doors that are fitted professionally and have high-quality locks offer excellent security.

Wood – For high-end London properties, for example, stately homes in Belgravia, Kensington or Mayfair, there’s only one material worthy of consideration and that’s wood. There truly is no substitute for the superior aesthetics of a solid wood garage door. Whether cedar, cypress, mahogany or redwood, these premium-quality doors are treated to ensure water resistance and minimal maintenance. Having said that, wood garage doors require the most maintenance of all the materials used for garage doors, so that’s certainly something to take into account.

Composite Wood – For homeowners who love the aesthetic appeal wood provides but lack the financial outlay required, or have a garage that receives above average exposure to the wet, this is likely to be the ideal garage door material. Retailing at around half the price of a wooden garage door, faux wood composite garage doors are completely moisture-resistant, insulated and can be stained or painted to match the aesthetic properties of your London home.

Take the following into consideration when selecting a garage door material for your home:

  • The aesthetic properties of your home and how they work with different materials
  • The door’s exposure to the elements, especially rain
  • Your budget

Now that you’ve selected a door type and a material, for example, a steel roller garage door, it’s time to focus on the solely visual aspects of the door in relation to your home.

Style Considerations

Matching a garage door to the colour of one’s home is the traditional way to go about things and there are many benefits to doing so, including the fact that it’s a safe bet. But there are other ways to select a new garage door that matches your London home perfectly, such as matching the door to your home’s window treatments, especially the windowsill and trim, with white trims and white doors on a dark brick home a very popular and traditional look that works so well with many homes.

For white homes, the opposite is a great look and you can create a contrast with a dark colour for the garage door, maybe a warm colour like a burgundy or a maroon, to set against the white walls. With contemporary homes, the sky’s the limit as far as what you can achieve with the look of your garage and home, and there are many interesting design options to explore.

There are many options to take into consideration when upgrading your garage door and you need to take all the factors, including those discussed here, into account if you’re to select the perfect garage door for your London home.