Window handles and locks are an important part of window furniture that enables you to control ventilation and ensure safety. Since different types of windows suit different types of handles and locks, it’s vital to know what’s out there.


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Also known as espag handles, these are one of the most common window handles around. According to Window Ware, these handles are generally more common in newer window styles. They’re often referred to as uPVC handles due to their widespread use in uPVC double glazed windows. There are various styles of espag handle to choose from, and they come with a multi-point lock, where turning the handle activates the locking mechanism.


If you have older uPVC or aluminium double glazed windows, there’s a good chance they might be fitted with cockspur window handles and key locks. This type of handle uses a spur to operate the window, where it closes onto a cockspur wedge opposite the handle.


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Tilt and turn

If you have windows that open inwards and tilt down inside a room, they’ll be fitted with tilt and turn window handles and key locks. Some windows are fitted with locks that prevent the window from opening fully inside but still let you tilt the frame inwards. The locking mechanism can differ, depending on whether you have uPVC or aluminium windows, such as from suppliers like Dublin windows and doors, who provide windows and doors in Dublin and elsewhere.


Cadenza window handles, also referred to as spade and blade handles, make use of a spade or blade to activate the multi-point lock system. These types of window handles tend to be used on older models of windows.


If you have older generation uPVC windows that rely on a spindle and a cockspur wedge, you will most likely encounter cockspag handles on your windows. The advantage of this type of hybrid handle is that it offers more security than the traditional cockspur handle.

Sash windows

Sash windows are a traditional design of window that can be found in timber, aluminium or uPVC styles. Since the window opens vertically, handles are not always needed, although you can purchase sash lifts and pull handles. Various locks are available to make sash windows secure, and these could include fitch-fasteners, brighton sash fasteners or quadrant fasteners.