Transform Your Kitchen Your Way

Mention kitchen remodeling or kitchen make-overs and either eyes roll or smiles go on for miles. It’s time to bring out the smiles by successfully creating the coolest kitchens on a budget you can afford.

Where to Begin

Budget. Budget. Budget. Don’t let that one ominous word fool you. While putting an affordable budget together for any remodeling or new build project is essential, there are ways to keep the process organized for better end results.

Finding reputable kitchen remodeling resources can help. For example, Gilmans Kitchen & Baths has a very industrious online method of breaking down and balancing the costs before the work begins. This enables you, the consumer to approximate which kitchen features you prefer most by order of personal selection. Hello, savings!

The Importance of Value

Amazing kitchen spaces are at the top of almost every home-buyer’s and home owner’s wish list. This is where a significant portion of home investments are made. Reputable kitchen companies and contractors can help provide an upfront percentage of a home’s value for the type of renovation you desire. The size, location and value of your home can help home owners and renovation companies work together to budget for the highest return.

Recognizing the Possibilities

Kitchen overhauls don’t have to get out-of-control. In fact, mini-kitchen redo’s can positively impact ambiance and functionality. Custom kitchen planning projects, large and small happen every day, with every budget size. That means finally getting a beautiful kitchen your way.

Smaller Project Ideas

Updated cabinetry can offer a fresh, new look, while adding more storage space. This one minor change can provide that highly desired kitchen face lift without breaking the bank.

Tired looking kitchens can easily sparkle again with new counter tops and flooring. Imagine warm granite tones and stone flooring. How about exploring commercial-grade steel counter tops for a more industrial, chef-inspired feel?

Freshly poured concrete flooring with touches of neutral color splashes will grant your updated kitchen with a whole new personality. This modern touch is one that can stand the tests of time and heavy traffic.

Larger Project Ideas

Larger kitchen renovations are where a whole new life begins in a brand new kitchen. All new appliances show off culinary skills. Flow is improved by bringing walls down to accommodate that huge center island. Ambient lighting and rustic stones help bring the outdoors in.

New appliances, flooring, cabinetry and lighting are only the beginning of larger kitchen project ideas. New wall coverings using stone, glass tiles, metals, concrete and more also adds superior flavors to any kitchen.

With a little planning, a little creativity and a reputable team of professionals to guide you, fabulous kitchen transformations really can happen your way!