Thermal Insulation Textiles

Insulating pipes and wires that conduct tremendous amounts of heat is important, but can prove difficult to find materials that last. TaoFibre has a solution for all piping and wire insulation needs. The products are durable, flexible and affordable for most company budgets. Below are a few of the products available right now.

Twisted Ceramic Fiber Rope

There are two types of fiber rope available. One is made from wicking and the other from braided yarns. The standard 3-ply made from wicking is very affordable and offers great protection, but you can upogrwde to the 9-ply and get 50{cb37868839f307833624f19700ed5e37426cbadd39950566d637d30b5086a160}b more heat insulation. Either can also be covered in Iconel wire mesh for protection against damage by moving parts. The 3-ply braided rope made from yarn has a greater density than that made from wicking and is slightly more durable.

Round and Square Braid

The round and square braid ceramic fiber materials are interwoven around a center core of ceramic fiber. This gives it the maximum amount of protection from damage and wear. It will not begin to unravel the moment it has to be cut. This is one of the more popular products of its type from TaoFibre. If you need material that can withstand a lot of daily punishment, this is the right choice.

Woven Fiber Cloth

Iconel mesh wire and fiberglass materials are added to yarn to weave these types of ceramic fiber textiles. It adds enormous strength to already flexible yarn. It will remain strong both before and after introduction to high temperatures. There is no need to worry about a breakdown in materials after use. The cloth is useful for furnace and welding curtains.

Ceramic Fiber Tape and Sleeving

Insulating pipes has never been easier with the development of woven ceramic fiber tape and sleeving. It is pliable, easy to use and offers protection for up to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit. It is perfect for boiler and furnace pipes, welding pipes and other industrial high-temperature piping. It is an affordable and effective solution for many industries.

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