The Other Side of Bangka Belitung

Pangkalpinang, located in Bangka Belitung province is becoming more widely known when the film Laskar Pelangi aired. I love the movie along with novels that are set in Belitong it. From there my curiosity be-so to find out what lies Pangkalpinang. There are things that make me excited when watching the film Laskar Pelangi. There was a large tin factory in the movie which now becomes art museum, is where my father worked (Main Figures in Laskar Pelangi) called PN.Timah at that time. In a scene of the film, seen a lot of people flocked to the civil servants to wear uniforms like PN.Timah in the morning.

  1. Timah Tbk (formerly PN.Timah) inherited a long history of tin mining in Indonesia, which has been running for more than 200 years, which used to be managed by the colonial government “Banka Tin Winning Bedrijf” (BTW). PT.Timah Tbk is currently known as the producer of tin in the world and is in the process of developing its business outside the tin mining remain grounded on their competence and developed. PT.Timah could be a tin mining company the sole property of the Indonesian state.

Apparently already since 1958, PT. Timah Tbk set up a tin Technology Museum Indonesia or better known as the Indonesia Tin Museum, with the objective historical record of all the tin in Bangka Belitung from long ago and introduced him to the wider community. Because as we all know, Bangka Belitung Islands have the natural wealth of tin abundant.

Indonesia Tin Museum was originally a house belonging Hoofdt office administrates Banka Tin Winning (BTW) is located on Jalan Ahmad Yani No. 179 (formerly the Peace) Pangkalpinang. This house also has a high historical value for the independence of the Republic of Indonesia. Slightly looked back, this house had several times used as a negotiation or diplomacy between leaders of the republic who was exiled to Bangka with the Dutch Government and UNCI (United Nations Commission for Indonesia) in Pangkalpinang born Conference Roem Royen or Roem-Royen Statement dated May 7, 1949 ( Indonesian delegation was led by Mr. Moh. Roem and the Dutch delegation led by HJ Van Royen), because the place of negotiations in Menumbing,

Unlike most museums in other towns, tin museum is not a museum culture in which there are objects of cultural heritage. Tin Museum is a museum displaying technique objects of tin mining history, and well-made diorama-dioramas associated with all activities of tin past. Tin Museum is also the only museum in the city Pangkalpinang. Until now, the fund management Tin Museum Indonesia still relies entirely on PT.Timah Tbk. The company also has worked with provincial and district government through the department of tourism and education department. The funds disbursed for the operation of the museum’s lead reached 30-40 million rupiah per month.