The sunroom is an area where you can relax while enjoying the warmth and the beauty of the sunshine and the rest of nature. One of the things that you’re going to want to use in the room is wicker furniture. Incorporate a seasonal theme in the room, such as yellow flowers on a wicker coffee table in the spring or a comfortable blanket on the back of a wicker couch in the winter.

Coordinate the decorations with the season as this is a trend for 2017, says Wicker Paradise. Place a few books on a side table to enjoy in the winter while drinking coffee or a suncatcher on the window in the summer that can cast a design on the floor.

When you use rattan furniture in the sunroom, you want to use different colors than those that are neutral. If you want to use white, gray or beige, then combine the color with bright pillows or a bright rug in the center of the floor. Only use neutral colors as a base instead of throughout the entire room because you want the brightness of the sun to flow from one side to the other.

After adding the furniture and decorations, you’re going to want to put a few plants around the room. This is a design trend that will give a fresh appearance to the sunroom. Large potted plants in the corners work well with smaller colorful flowers on tables. Bright colors, such as yellow and orange, are seen in sunrooms in 2017 as a way to match wicker furniture cushions.