Stylish Ways to Display Collections

Whether you collect coins, trinkets from your travels or any other object, you want to enjoy them, not keep them hidden and tucked away. If you have been trying to think of some creative ways to showcase the items that you collect, you’re in luck! Here are some stylish ways to show off the items that you have collected while creating a stylish decorative element in your home from

Create a Shadow Box

A shadow box is a wonderful way to display items that you have collected. You can create a little vignette, or you can fill the box haphazardly to create an interesting, eye-catching display. Hang the shadow box on a wall or place it on a shelf or a table to create a meaningful decorative accent.

Shelf Display

A simple way to showcase your collection is by placing it out on shelves. Choose a single shelf or use a collection of shelves to act as the canvas for your display. You can use wall shelves, book shelves or any other type of shelf you can think of. The display will create an interesting decorative touch and will be sure to bring you plenty of enjoyment.

Fishbowl Display

A fishbowl is a wonderful vessel to use to display your collection. Because it is clear, you can easily see the items, and it’s just an unexpected decorative element. A fishbowl is the perfect piece for a collection of seashells, sea glass, buttons, coins or any other collection of trinkets that you have obtained.

Collections are wonderful and they can bring you so much joy, but keeping them hidden in a concealed box and tucked away in a closet doesn’t exactly allow you to enjoy your collection to the fullest. Try one of these display ideas and you’ll be able to enjoy and appreciate your collection on a daily basis.