Simple, Yet Effective Ways of Killing Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are among the most dangerous insects in the world. They carry diseases that kill more than one million people yearly. The latest health problem caused by mosquitoes, Zika virus, was linked with the birth of thousands of babies suffering from brain defects. The majority of the 3500 known mosquito species are completely harmless, and they feed on plants and fruit nectar.

Female mosquitoes, comprising of 6 percent of the species usually draw blood from human beings to enhance the development of their eggs. It is only half of the 6 percent that causes human diseases, and their impact is devastating. Apparently, 50 percent of the world population is at the risk of contracting mosquito-borne diseases as explained by Frances Hawkes from the University of Greenwich’s Natural Resources Institute.

What is the world doing about it?
The above statistics are shocking, which leaves one wondering what the world and relevant organizations are doing to put an end to mosquitoes. For starters, a good number of organisations – both governmental and non-governmental – have been on the forefront to curb the devastating effects of disease-causing mosquitoes. Some do so by creating awareness about mosquitoes, the health risks associated with their bites, and appropriate measures for keeping mosquitoes away from human habitats.

On the other hand, a couple of organizations choose to participate in this worthy cause by funding projects for eradicating mosquitoes. For instance, Mosquito Squad Huntsville gives back to the community by donating a portion of its proceeds to Malaria No More – one of the premier organizations in the world involved in the fight against malaria. Since its inception in 2000, Malaria No More has saved more than six million lives.

Individual efforts of eradicating mosquitoes

In our little individual ways, we can participate in the fight against mosquitoes and the diseases they are known to cause.

Here are practicals through which you can show solidarity with other responsible citizens of the world in the struggle to put an end to health problems associated with mosquitoes.

• Ensure that your home is sealed up properly. Check if your windows and doors seal tightly. Should you decide to leave them open, do so only if they are outfitted with accurately fitted screens. The screens should be regularly inspected and repaired in case holes, and tears are spotted.
• Mosquitoes need your blood to increase its bleeding abilities. Make it almost impossible for them to bite you. When you go out, wear long pants and sleeved shirts. Use scarves to cover up your neck, and if possible, wear a hat too.
• Get rid of any stagnant water, and water containers either inside your house or within your compound. Have leaky areas within your plumbing systems repaired to prevent mosquitoes from breeding. Since you still want to keep your pond, aerate it regularly to improve circulation and movement of water. Remove any leaves in the pond as well.
• Buy and use mosquito repelling or baiting products.

We all have a responsibility of keeping mosquitoes away from our homes and places of work. The above four tips will come in handy.