Safety Items You Need In Your House

When you have a fire extinguisher in your home and have smoke alarms that cover the entire house, then you are doing the basics of protecting your family from disaster. It is important to remember that fire is not the only issue you have to deal with and that a comprehensive home protection program includes more than just extinguishers and alarms. In order to protect your home completely, you need to carry a variety of safety items.

Escape Options

If you do not have an escape ladder in your attic that you can use to climb from your attic window to the ground, then you need one. When a fire starts ripping through the downstairs of your home, you need to have a safe way to get out through the roof. Flash floods can also fill up the downstairs of your home quickly, and require you to have an escape option on a higher floor. Have a safety expert go through your house to make sure that you have the right escape options available.


You might think you have a fire alarm in your home, but what you really have is a smoke alarm. If there is no smoke to detect, then your alarm cannot warn you of trouble. You need a real heat and fire alarm that will go off when it senses the heat of the flames. You also need other alarms such as a carbon monoxide detector to protect your family from fumes you cannot see or smell.

Grab Bag

A grab bag is a durable vinyl bag filled with enough clothes and food for everyone in the family should the family need to escape the home. The grab bag gets its name because you keep it in a spot where you can grab it fast and run. The food is non-perishable and should be changed out every year. Include water bottles and some warmer clothes in case you have a problem during the cold weather. You may also want to put some cash in the grab bag in case there is a general emergency and you cannot use an ATM.

Home Alarm System

If you have a home alarm system that only makes sounds when someone is trying to enter your home, then you only have half of a system. To protect your home and your family, you need an alarm system that contacts the authorities when there is trouble and gets help to your address right away.

If you want to truly protect your home and your family, you need to include home protection items that go beyond the standard smoke alarm. A real protection plan will go a long ways towards keeping your family safe in any situation.