Luxury Home Makeover Ideas

If you have lots of money in the bank, you probably don’t want to do any “normal” makeovers to your house. Instead, you probably have an eye on additions which will make you feel like you are living in a Hollywood mansion. There are dozens of different things you can do to give your house an added sprinkling of gold-dust. If you are stuck for suitable ideas, read this guide which is full of helpful tips.


Install A Swimming Pool Inside Your House

Nothing says A-list luxury like having a swimming pool inside your house. This will allow you to take a relaxing dip anytime you want, even if the weather is horrible outside. This can be a great way to entertain guests and will allow your children to get as much exercise as they need. The swimming pool could also be located in the back garden if you do not want a pool inside your house.

Install A Balcony Outside Your Room

Being able to step out of your bedroom and onto a balcony every morning to watch the sun come up will definitely make you feel like you are living in a palace. Install a balcony with a very wide glass design. This will protect any children who happen to be with you on the balcony. You will be able to sit out when the weather is good and enjoy the view. Make sure that the balcony is covered so that you won’t get soaking wet during a sudden downpour.

Install A Chandelier

No celebrity home is complete without a chandelier. This is a wonderful addition to somewhere such as the dining room. The chandelier, which will be studded with hundreds of different crystals, brings lots of class and elegance to the room. This will be something for visitors to marvel at when they are having dinner at your house. Installing a chandelier has other benefits – it will also make your house much more valuable if you eventually decide to sell it.

Install A Tennis Court

You might think that installing a tennis court seems a step too far, but this is a perfect way for the whole family to get some exercise and to enjoy the perfect summer weather. If your grounds are big enough, you should be able to fit a tennis court alongside your regular garden.

Tennis courts in the back yard save you the effort of having to go down to the local club for a few games. You can socialise with the neighbours over drinks and a few games of doubles. If you want to get the neighbourhood kids involved, why not arrange tournaments where everyone gets to have a go?

Install Fairground Rides

You might want to keep the children entertained by installing a merry-go-round or a bumper-car track in the back yard. Make sure that the children are supervised at all times. This will stop them from getting injured on rides.