Kitchen Trends we’ll see more of in 2019

Kitchens are the real heart of the home and have become much more than just a functional room to have a sit down meal in. They’ve become somewhere that encourages creativity not only in cooking but in design too. We’re taking a look at the top trends that will continue to creep into kitchens throughout the year.


Green Cabinets

Green is emerging this year as the colour of choice. Gone are 2017’s blue kitchens and brass fixtures. For those of you who don’t want to go too bold but are craving a splash of colour in your kitchen, green is the answer. From sage to olive, there’s endless choice to bring your kitchen to life. Green pairs perfectly with white, and can make your marble top look crisp and sharp. As well las this, natural looks such as rustic and woodland are set to continue growing in popularity. This makes incorporating green in to your home even easier since it pairs harmoniously with these aesthetics.


Herringbone Floors

This floor type is continuing to rise in popularity, adding style and a sense of history to the kitchen.  Also know as parquet, this is the ultimate flooring choice if you’re going for luxury. Being versatile by nature allows it to work well with both modern and vintage kitchens. It’s important to look at the room as a whole before choosing the colour. Dark woods will compliment a more traditional look where as cool greys will work better in a more contemporary setting. Herringbone floors are so popular because they add a gorgeous sense of fluidity to a floor. Their pattern can also help smaller rooms to look and feel more spacious, so are a great consideration when looking for a new floor.


Mix and Match

The days of monochrome kitchens are behind us according to designers. 2018 is all about mixing and matching colours in the kitchen. Choosing dark toned base wall colours and white upper cabinets is becoming something that we’re seeing more and more of. Mixing colours can allow one element of the kitchen to stand out. If you have an island in your kitchen, giving it a dark colour will naturally gravitate all attention and activity towards the island. One such trend to take this ethos is the maximalist look. The best way to describe maximalism is to imagine that it is the exact opposite of minimalism. Instead of light, simply looks, maximalism thrives on dark, moody colours and plenty of rich textures.