Scarves are one of the most common fashion items that can be worn by men and women. The scarf can also be used in any event with any weather. We simply select the appropriate material and size of the scarf to match the event we attended while keeping our comfort in wearing it. Therefore, do not be surprised if the scarf became one of the many selected accessories as a complementary clothing. scarf may also be very useful to help warm the body in winter. also provide various kinds of scarf with good quality.

Tips to Look Elegant with Scarves

You also need to know some other tips to look elegant with a scarf. These tips will also help you to blend matching scarves with other accessories so that the elegant impression increasingly radiated from you. If you are looking for a good scarf at an affordable price, just buy it at

Make sure the scarf is long enough – The first tip is to make sure the scarf you choose is long enough. This will make it easier for you to be creative with it. Short scarves will make it more difficult for you to make a knot and make the choice of a more limited model. Thus, long scarves provide more or varied style choices. Shawls with a size of 1 m x 0.5 m are usually long enough and ideal for creative use.

Put on a shirt – Put a scarf on a shirt or shirt. If the scarf is small and thin, you can put it on the collar of the shirt. However, if the scarf is a little wider you can use a pile covered shirt collar. Do not forget also to adjust the color and motif of the scarf you choose with a shirt or shirt you wear. Matching colors and motifs will add a harmonious and graceful impression.

Put a scarf right at the nape of the neck – Make sure you put the scarf that you use right at the nape of your neck or an inch above the collar. This way to make sure the scarf looks loose and not too tighten your neck. If you do the opposite, it is not impossible you look ‘drowned’ in the scarf you wear.

Keep it natural – Do not wear too tight scarves around the neck. Let loose scarves around your neck. If you create a knot, do not also create a rigid or very strong knot. Create a little loose to create an elegant impression. The more relaxed the bond you make, the more elegant the impression you bring. Not only that, as much as possible let the scarf you wear dangle in your body naturally. Sometimes something that at least can give maximum results, right?

Jacket can add an impression of elegance – You can add a coat or jacket on top or under the scarf you wear. The leather jacket would be perfect for the sophisticated and elegant impression if worn together with a scarf. Wearing a suit on the outside of the scarf and making a little scarf tucked under the jacket also adds to the attractive formal and elegant feel.

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