How to Overcome Translucent Walls with Plaster

How to overcome the cracked wall you must know for the convenience of the house and its inhabitants. Cracked walls if left too long can cause rainwater to seep into the pores of the wall. As a result, the room in the house becomes humid. For more information, you can visit

The problem of cracked walls is closely related to plastering when building a house. Plaster is a brick or brick cover, made from a mixture of cement, sand, and water. Plaster spreads still look rough but is quite neat and strong covering the brick walls. Wall plastering is done after the process of installing electrical, plumbing and plumbing installations throughout the house. To get a quality plaster that is strong and durable.

In many cases of cracked house walls, the main cause is plastering the wall of the house that has not dried completely. As a result, the water content in the plaster is still saturated covered by water-resistant cement. The following are the steps to fix the plaster wall of the house

  1. Remove or discard all loose or shaky plaster wall material in the area to be repaired.
  2. Spray water to the area to be repaired. This water will moisturize the plaster walls of the house so that it will be easier to tie a new plastering that will be attached to it.
  3. Prepare the cement to be used. Mix with cement and water. Mix well.
  4. Apply the cement mixture to the damaged area. Fill only half the thick plaster. Leave it to half dry.
  5. Take a nail, and cut nails onto the surface of the plaster that is half dry, then let it dry.
  6. Take more cement mixture, then fill all the plaster surfaces. Flatten it to the same level as the plaster walls of other houses that are still good. Allow drying completely.
  7. Paint with the same paint as the rest of the house.