How to Fix a Sagging Couch

Couches can last a long time, but the more use they get, the more likely the possibility that you will start to see sagging in your couch cushions. If you see sagging in your couch, don’t throw it out. There are some things you can do to get rid of the sag.

 One of the biggest reasons for a saggy couch is a problem with the cushions. Most cushions have some kind of foam in them, and the couch foam can get misshapen after a few years, especially if the couch gets a lot of use and people tend to sit in the same spot a lot. In this case, it’s very easy to solve the sagging problem: you simply replace one or more cushions.

The Foam Factory even offers cushions that have been cut to fit your couch. Whether you need a corner cushion, a T-cushion or a circle seat, you can order the shape custom cut to the size you need. That saves a great deal of time, and money. A reupholster job from the manufacturer might be double what you’d pay to do it yourself.

 If replacement cushions aren’t the solution to your couch sagging problem, you will have to look for other solutions. Another common cause of sagging can be a problem with the springs in the bottom of the couch. If your springs are bad, it’s not something you can fix, but that doesn’t mean you have to live with a sagging couch or get a new one. You can try putting some pieces of plywood underneath the cushions. This can give your couch the support it needs to keep from sagging, although you still may experience sagging when you sit on the couch.