How to Deter Burglars

Just as burglars may try many different means for getting into your house or building, there are many different ways you can attempt to deter them. First, it is important to understand the different kinds of burglars. There are generally considered to be four kinds of burglars and the ways to deter them are all different. Here are the types of burglars and how to deter them.

The Opportunist

The first type of burglar is the opportunist; this burglar is also the easiest to deter. An opportunist is someone who is walking or driving by your home or office and sees something that he or she would like to steal. They will look for an easy opportunity to break into your home, such as an unlocked door or an open window. The opportunist is not very sophisticated or bold, however, and will usually be deterred by sturdy locks on your windows and doors. You can find some great suggestions for types of locks from Burglar Free Zone. Deadbolts and padlocks are two of the most common and most reliable.

A sturdy and effective lock needs to be physically difficult to force open and it should also be visible enough to deter someone.

The Semi-Pro

The semi-professional is the kind of criminal who has a method but does not rise to the level of an actual professional. The semi-pro will stalk your house or office, looking for opportunities to break in. They will search for buildings that are often left unlocked or for signs that a home has been left unattended. In the past, they would look for mail piling up in the mailbox or for newspapers stacking up on the garden. Physical post and newspapers have become less common, so the semi-pro is more likely to look for packages. A criminal will look for packages in front of your home or at the grass growing in your garden. If you are going to be away from your home or business for a little while, you should hire someone to mow your garden for you to give the appearance that you are still at home. You should refrain from ordering anything that will arrive while you are gone, or you should notify the postal office that you would like your packages held until you return so that they do not pile up for potential burglars to see.

The Professional

The professional is someone who has made a career out of stealing from other people. The professional does not commit a crime until he or she has lined up a buyer for the stolen goods. They treat theft as their job.  They are not deterred by strong locks; they have tools to remove doors or window frames entirely. You need cameras and a robust alarm system in order to prevent professional burglars from getting away with entering your home and stealing your valued possessions. The professional is deterred by anything that will get him or her caught and ultimately brought to justice, not by something designed to simply stop them from entering.