How Kitchen Design Impacts a Condo Buyer’s Decision

For the many people buying and renovating a condo in Montreal,  the kitchen design is very important. Think about it: the design and functionality of the kitchen dictates how comfortable a home is, especially in condos. The kitchen design should be able to maximize the space available, and yet remain highly functional


  1. The layout

The work triangle should be strictly followed. If a condo’s stove, sink, and refrigerator are too far away from each other, the buyer might think it’s too much of a hassle to cook and work in a kitchen like that. The whole purpose of a condo is to have the convenience of living in the city without compromising comfort and efficiency in the home, so make sure your kitchen’s layout is able to offer this.

  1. Tall shelves

Since the space is smaller than a regular house, make the most out of the space you have. The kitchen cabinets should be as tall as possible, so the homeowner will have additional space in the kitchen to store food, appliances, cutlery, etc.

  1. The details

Some details might seem too small a thing to even impact a buyer’s decision, but more often than not, the smallest details in a room make the biggest statements and influence on the buyer. A few changes in the kitchen’s hardware can add elegance or a modern twist to an otherwise very simple and plain kitchen. It can even enhance the appearance of the entire home.

  1. The lights

Good lighting is important, especially in limited spaces. When we first walk into a room, we often look up and check out the lighting fixtures. It’s easy to overlook this element when designing a home, but it’s always one of the first things people notice when checking out a place for the first time.

  1. The flooring

Beautiful floor tiles tie may seem unimportant, but they tie up a kitchen together and make the design cohesive. Using a different material for the kitchen floor will make it look more elegant and more luxurious.

  1. The sink

The sink is probably the most important fixture in the kitchen. It should not only look beautiful, but it should be high-quality as well. Make sure that it functions well, is positioned correctly, and has the perfect proportions. The faucet should also be in the right place, as some faucets can be positioned too far from the edge of the sink that it will give you back pains from leaning forward whenever you use it.

For a lot of people looking to buy a new home, the kitchen is one of the key considerations. So, if you’re planning to re-sell your home, check if there are upgrades you can do to enhance its look and value. The kitchen is always a good place to start.