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The ideas of ‘home’ and ‘home’ are compelling and contradictory. They are compelling because they elicit the specified sentiments of permanence, feeling ‘at house’, and sustaining continuity in one’s life.

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This distinction emerged partially through a rising understanding of how households could possibly be sites of unhomeliness, whether for women confronted with unvalued home labour, or for those residing with displacement or the everyday realities of poverty or state violence. Temporal dimensions, from an idealised past to an imagined future, have featured heavily in recent studies.

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Gallery Historic homes go on sale in Co Armagh Two stunning period homes are on the market in Co Armagh. These chosen ethnographic examples from eHRAF World Cultures illustrate that the concept of house is deeply multifaceted.

Understood in such terms, residence becomes one thing a lot much less solid than a structure of stone or wood. It tends to be contestable and fragile, a domain not solely of belonging but also of potential alienation when attempts to make home fail or are subverted. This flourishing literature more and more suggests that whereas bodily shelter may be a basic existential want, it is houses and houses, wrapped up in the desire and battle for belonging, which underpin human sociality.

A husband-and-spouse staff is brightening up the sober Dutch design world. They take T on a video tour of their colourful house, which they describe as a dwelling still life.

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More lately, nonetheless, consideration has additionally been given to the “body-dimension” of dementia by way of an exploration of the so-called Situation-Embodied-Agent view (the SEA-view) of the human individual (Hughes 2001; Dekkers 2010). The physique is taken into account to be a basic supply of selfhood that doesn’t derive its agency from a cognitive form of data (Leder 1990; Kontos 2005). Therefore, the concept of embodiment is essential to understand how dementia signs are an expression of the lived body in dementia.

As we’ve shown, one problem with shifting koalas is they may not be capable of eat the eucalypt leaves of their new properties. But analysis is now specializing in whether microbes in koalas’ guts might help koalas settle in, permitting us to move them from places the place there are too many. In the absence of human intervention, the presence of too many koalas causes widespread tree demise, loss of habitat for koalas and different forest-dependent wildlife, and widespread suffering for the koalas as they slowly starve.

Farhan Samanani explores questions of value, diversity, and neighborhood in up to date London. His work appears at forms of value, understanding, and cooperation which emerge out of everyday life, and traces what occurs to these everyday initiatives within broader political and economic systems.