Home Buying Tips

Developers breach or rogue developers apparently did not know the time. The culprit is not merely a beginner developers, large developers with famous names can perform actions that harm consumers. Before the crisis, when the property boom, many developers appear fictitious, or consumers buying a home have acertificate. Now u may not any practices that harm consumers still we have encountered. A few months ago hundreds of consumers who buy a home in a luxury housing in US are victims of a breach of contract developers. Payment is paid off, but after more than two years of house not being built. The victims are not among the bottom but executives, officials and top class professionals.
The case of breach of contract as it was not as much as before. But it is a proof that consumers are more alert and cautious. Buying a home from the developer bonafits in an elite housing was not a guarantee trouble free try read some article about it or visit 1000 bad credit loan

In addition to severe cases such as the above remain many mild cases occur in the field. For example, after the handover of the house do not comply with the technical specifications promised, promised not flood the house even submerged in water up to one meter, handovers home late from a set schedule, etc. To suppress the occurrence of these cases, it helps prospective customers to listen to the following tips before dropping the option to buy the house.

Choosing a Home locations

In buying a home is the main concern is the location. In general, the houses are in a good location, the price will rapidly evolve. Some of the factors that determine: quite a lot of access to the location, public transportation available is quite diverse, complete facility, the area is quite safe, and free from flood.
To obtain a good location, you can not go to the location it was only one time. For example, during the exhibition, you participate bus provided by the developer to the location, then the transaction. It would be better if the review is done repeatedly at the same location surveys the surrounding environment.
When he was in the location you should do a small survey. For example, ask people around about the origin of the soil used for the construction of real estate. Is paddy soil or swamp. If marshland, you should check the source of water used for daily needs, whether groundwater or from the Drinking Water Company? You would be better off if you choose the home covered by drinking water pipelines. Because a lot of real estate that was once marshland soil water is not potable.
Ask also to the locals if the rainy season the area never flooded or not? Because there are developers promote flood-free housing, the reality in the rainy season floods.

Track Record Developers

Look for as much information as possible about the housing developer that interest you. To avoid a default, it would be better if consumers choose an experienced developer.
For developers new faces, consumers will be more secure if it did not buy a house in the form of images (pre project selling). At least the building is already at 50{cb37868839f307833624f19700ed5e37426cbadd39950566d637d30b5086a160} or more ideal again ready for habitation.

checking Licensing

Before deciding to buy consumer home should try to know the complete document licensing administration housing projects. Because often the case his house was paid off but certificate not being received by consumers. It turned out that the developer certificate of parents have not been broken down and is still used as collateral in the bank. For that buy houses certificate license has been broken.

Building specifications

 Building specifications will determine whether the poor quality of the building. Do not be easily tempted information sweetness of the staff or marketing agent. Description specifications in the brochure are sometimes not always true. The brochure can be changed at any time by the developer. Chatty little is okay, ask in detail to developers and note in the paper. If you need to ask for a signature on your record, to handle when it will make a deal.


No developers who want to lose and give something for free. Each of the facilities provided in the housing, the cost is actually borne by consumers. These costs are included in the price components. Therefore more and more amenities and the better the quality of the facilities built, house price increases definitely expensive. Therefore choose housing facilities according to your needs.