Highway Maintenance

Road maintenance purpose is to maintain a steady road conditions in accordance with the level of service and capabilities on the road when completed and put up with a plan to achieve a predetermined age. For proper asphalting machine, you can see at http://bitumen.globecore.com.

Based on the steady-state condition, the road maintenance needs to be done continuously / regular and continuous road construction in particular on the type of system that uses flexible pavement (flexible pavement). Road maintenance not only on pavement, but also covers the maintenance of buildings and facilities along the road complementary means of supporting and the right bitumen modification equipment manufacturer.

A strong pavement as any unsupported by drainage facilities will easily be downgraded as a result of the weakening of the density of the base layer and the disintegration of the granular aggregate of the binder material. Maintenance channel edge on either side of the road to be important and the water must always flow smoothly because the rainwater would weaken the overall pavement structure.

While cracks in the surface layer of a pavement if they are not closed will be getting bigger and rainwater entered that impact unraveling ties between the granular aggregate of the binder material, and become greater damage. These conditions will sooner get worse again when the traffic load dense and heavy.

Handling of road maintenance can be performed regularly or periodically. Road maintenance routinely done on an ongoing basis throughout the year and as soon as possible when the damage are not yet widespread with the right machinery for modified bitumen manufacturing that you can see at GlobeCore. Maintenance and repairs performed on the stage of the damage is still mild and localized. This is done in connection with the relatively low cost of the repairs and how to fix it, including relatively easy / light.

Periodic road maintenance is done regularly to do anyway rejuvenation of the pavement materials and other materials. In addition to that too, do flattening back against the road surface. Both routine maintenance and periodic maintenance, is not intended to increase the ability of the structure.

In connection with this, the control and supervision of road maintenance should be done regularly and periodically to keep the damage to roads and building complementary and supporting facilities be detected early on type and volume as well as handling should be done immediately. In addition to that too need to know the location of the damage, particularly in certain locations that always happens recurring damage.

Control and supervision of road maintenance work to be important in improving the capability and the development of the road network which has been established to serve traffic and land transportation growing regions.