High Quality Minimalist Living Spaces

Junk can accumulate pretty quickly around my house. I buy things with the idea of needing them, or I get things as gifts, and then next thing I know, my house starts to look like a storage unit. And even if you are making more of an effort to be minimalist, it can be hard to not procrastinate, especially if you use most of the items that clutter up the space.

The minimalistic look is gorgeous, and I wish I could utilize it more often. However, even if you are a messy person, there are ways that you can incorporate elements of such look into any home. For instance, here are 5 ways by TMF 家匠 to do so.

1. Utilize Brick

Minimalism focuses more on the appeal of the architecture as opposed to the appeal of the accents. One of these is to use brick. Unpainted works best, but even if you paint it, the differing in texture that it brings gives warmth and charm.

2. Using Wood

Minimalist homes don’t have to be pure white. By using wooden tones, you create a warm and inviting look to the house. Maple, Walnut, and Honey woods look the best without becoming too overwhelming.

3. Metallic

Utilizing colors, such as metallic, can warm up a room without making it feel too far apart from the normal minimalist message. It can also give a different tone than the typical white and black that you see in many magazines.

4. Fabrics

A rug on the floor or a throw on a couch can take what may look like an otherwise uninviting minimalist room and add texture and coziness to it without adding any new or bombastic colors. This will allow guests to come in and feel completely at home in your house, and not intimidated by it.

5. Using Plants To Your Advantage

Flowers and houseplants are an awesome and cheap way of adding color and liveliness, while also not steering too far away from the minimalist idea. They help to make your place feel warm and inviting, and even lively. Especially in areas that would otherwise be dull, like a laundry room.

Adding new things to your home can make it feel roomy and clean, without having to make it feel intimidating. So try out a few of these tips if you want a clean looking home, even if you’re so not clean.