Four Steps You Should Take Before Deck Restoration

Deck manufacturing and restoration experts agree that home and business owners should clean and restore their decks at least once a year. Over time, decks naturally collect dirt, debris and microorganisms. Some of these things can actually harm the health and safety of loved ones, employees and pets. Additionally, certain types of debris combined with sunlight cause surface damage. For example, leaves contain substances known as tannins that stain surfaces. Sunlight causes fading and deteriorates certain types of materials like wood. When you combine debris with sunlight, surfaces also acquire “voids” where the area around a piece of debris becomes faded from sunlight and the area beneath remains dark.

To make the restoration process efficient, fast and safe, follow these four steps before you start:

Remove Every Object

Some home and business owners decide to not remove large objects from their decks before a deck restoration because they think it is unnecessary work. The problem with this decision is that over time, the cleaning processes they use to restore their decks alter the shade and condition of deck materials. When you finally go to remove large items later for various reasons, you are then stuck with spots that are entirely different then the rest of your deck.

Watch the Weather

The goal of deck restoration is to have the deck look better after you finish than when you started. Choose a day that is not too hot or cold when weather forecasters expect zero rain or high wind. After you clean your deck, you must use a sealant to prevent future moisture and sun damage. The elements, including falling leaves and twigs, can damage the final sealant coat. Give the sealant plenty of time to dry and cure by only cleaning and restoring your deck on a warm, calm weather day.

Send Everyone Away

This might seem like common sense, but some home and business owners do very little to prevent distractions and accidents during a deck restoration. Make certain that people and pets are not going to be anywhere near your deck during the entire process. Small children and pets, for example, can become ill if they receive exposure to certain chemicals. People walking across your deck during a restoration can leave footprints in the deck sealant.

Contact a Professional

Instead of doing the work on your own with harsh chemicals and back-breaking scrubbing tools, hire an experienced cleaner like Renew Crew of Castle Rock that has the knowledge and tools needed to safely remove materials clinging to your deck and then protect it against the elements. Additionally, a professional can often do the work in less than half the time than if you performed the task by hand.