Durable Material for Your Minimalist Home

Strong door material is an important part when you build a house. The door not only functions and gives a beautiful impression. Doors also need to have materials that are strong and durable, allowing you to use a long time. On this occasion, Diminimalis will provide information about strong door materials for the house. You can see various unique doors here  Unique Iron Doors
Below we review some of the strong door materials for your minimalist home, spelled out the materials in question are:

1. Solid wood

Strong material is solid wood. This type of wood is undoubtedly strong. General solid wood as the front door due to weather resistance and salt-containing air. Solid wood now comes with a more attractive design from classic, modern to minimalist. The treatment is fairly easy, which is lacquered and painted periodically.

2. Vinyl

Another strong ingredient is Vinyl. The advantages of this material are resistant to air, not noisy and anti-corrosion. Vinyl also has a more artistic appearance by giving a variety of colors and motifs. Vinyl prices are relatively more affordable compared to other door materials.

3. Steel

Steel is a type of material that is known to be resistant to weather and is able to withstand sound well. No wonder the ingredients are manifest as a gate. Now steel can be applied in several other parts of the house. Steel door creation can also be equipped with a variety of flexible models.

4. WPC

Have you ever heard of the door ingredients on this one? WPC stands for plastic wood composites. As the name implies, this material is made from a combination of plastic mixed with wood powder. The advantage of this door is that it is resistant to termites, mold, moist and the fire spreads.
Those are some strong door materials. You can use several areas of the house both interior and exterior. Although strong, the door also needs to be ordered properly. And making a cat will make the door look more attractive. The attractive door certainly makes the house more beautiful and comfortable.
Thus our explanation and description of praise about some strong door materials for your minimalist home. You can also read our article about the problem of wooden doors that often come and are easy here, hopefully useful.