Parquet Wood Floor

Trend to use parquet wood floor is indeed on the rise in recent times, in addition to looks elegant and clean, parquet floors also bring a beautiful and natural atmosphere. There are so many motives that you can choose at will on

Having a comfortable home, beautiful, and also elegant is a dream for all people both in Indonesia and abroad. There are many ways to decorate our homes to make them more beautiful and comfortable, but many of them are often unreachable or some are not compatible with other designs (unbalanced). There is one product that you can try to beautify your home, by installing wooden or parquet flooring.

Generally, this type of flooring made in Indonesia is made from coconut wood, teak, sungkai wood, merbau wood (known as merbau floor), bengkirai wood, ironwood, and also sonokeling wood. For imports, usually made with lime, oak, cherry, maple, and walnut.

Parquet Floor

Parquet floors can be applied to almost any type of building and room. Examples of building styles suitable for this floor are minimalist houses, modern houses, ethnic houses, minimalist apartments, Mediterranean houses, eclectic, tropical minimalist houses, and tropical houses. For the room, this floor can be applied in the dining room, outdoor terrace, living room, foyer, living room, sleeping up to the home theater interior.

Types of Parquet Wood Flooring

Basically, the parquet is divided into 3 types or variants, namely vinyl parquet, laminate parquet, solid parquet which in Indonesian language will be vinyl parquet, laminate parquet, and solid wood parquet. All three have motives, advantages, and also different prices. Visit for details.

Solid parquet or commonly called solid wood parquet is made especially with solid wood pieces, usually with a thickness of about 1.5 cm. However, the price of this parquet motif is 3 times more expensive than the laminate parquet. However, you will benefit from being able to mere finishing as many as you want. Parquet this floor can bring the impression of soft and luxurious. However, this parquet has a weakness that is vulnerable to termite insects that often destroy wood products.

Laminate Wood Flooring from Quality Fiber Materials

The second is laminate parquet or in English called laminate parquet. This type is not made of wood but rather of fiber that is designed in such a way as to resemble wood. This type is specifically made to cover the shortcomings of Solid parquet. Sometimes this market is coated with plywood in the bottom (bottom). If we compare with the other two types, it can be concluded that this parquet floor is the cheapest. However, this type also has other disadvantages that are: cannot be re-finishing, and also we must replace it if damaged. The technological sophistication of today has helped to develop the motives of this parquet floor, now we can find motifs that resemble bamboo.

The last type of parquet floor is a veteran parquet or so-called parquet veneer. This parquet floor is a combination of solid wood mounted on the surface, and plywood or so-called low quality wood at the bottom. In general, solid wood on this parquet veneer has a thickness of only 5mm. Unlike laminate parquet, this parquet can be refinished even though it cannot be finished as often as solid parquet. Purchase on for best quality wood floor.