Choosing a Mattress as Newlyweds

The Couple strolled in through the door laughing. The bells over the door signaled that someone new had entered the shop. They sauntered through the aisles, arm-in-arm, stealing the occasional kiss. From the snippets of conversation the others could hear, the newlyweds had decided to make one final purchase before the honeymoon was officially over. They were selecting a new mattress. It was time for a mattress replacement.

Here are some tips from The Foam Factory to help you decide what you might look for as a newlywed couple.



Test the Mattress First

The first thing a newly wed couple should do is to test the mattress for themselves. We all sleep differently, and you will quickly realize what you or your spouse needs in a mattress. For a firmer sleep, with more support, try a memory foam mattress. Spring mattresses provide support to specific parts of the body. There’s also the hybrid type of mattress, which combines the best qualities of memory foam and spring mattresses.

Believe it or not, softness has little to do with the cushion filling so much as the pressure it’s rated at. The higher the pounds of pressure your mattress can handle, the firmer you can expect it to feel on your back and sides. Remember that women and men also have different shapes to their bodies, so that can play a role in selection as well.

Final Thoughts

Whatever mattress you choose, it will be around for a long time to come.