Valentine’s Day is a special occasion for all the lovers around the world and is meant to express love and affection for each other in a wonderful manner. Lovers buy a variety of gifts for their beloved girlfriend/boyfriend in order to make him/her feel special. Among different types of Valentine’s Day gifts available, flowers are one of the most preferred gift items that are popular among love birds. Here is your helpful guide to which flowers need to be sent to your beloved love partner in any city of India through the help of an efficient flower delivery services that can send flowers to Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Lucknow and other cities.

Rose- It is one of the most classic flowers that is never out of the trend. These lovely flowers are known as the ultimate symbol of love and comprise a brilliant pair in the form of cut flowers. They are available in multiple tones and offer a mesmerising smell that can effortlessly win the heart of your loved ones.

Dicentra- These incredible flowers are known as bleeding hearts and have lovely pink or white flowers. The exceptional flower grows on a bush that has long arching branches that provide drip heart-shaped flowers. If you can’t find them at any local florist in Delhi or any other city, you can easily order for an amazing bouquet of these lovely flowers through any online florist store to impress your lady love.

Tulip- It is one of the impressive cut flowers and symbolises the upcoming spring. They have the ability to last longer and give a tough fight to the beautiful roses in terms of the beauty and elegance. You can easily send them in the form of a bouquet or floral arrangement to your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day through the help of flowers delivery in Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad and other Indian cities.  

Orchid- These wonderful flowers are known as a stylish and exotic choice for the people who have a strong liking for something extraordinary. These beautiful flowers can be easily retained for a long time by keeping them in a moist place such as a bathroom or use a pot filled with gravel and water for their effective maintenance.

Sweet Pea- It is one of the traditional garden favourites among people and is used as a decorative household plant. They come with a strong, sweet fragrance and look wonderful in a flowering vase. Choose these exotic flowers for your girlfriend or boyfriend and send them to your loved ones through any reputed online bouquet delivery in Delhi, Kanpur, Noida, Bengaluru and other cities.

So, choose any of the desired flowers that can convey your love emotions in a wonderful manner on this special Valentine’s Day.