Beautifying Your Home on a Budget

Purchasing, maintaining, and beautifying your home is a costly proposition. From the moment you offer a down payment to the day you sell it, a home is a costly undertaking. A recent survey conducted by Home Advisors found that, on average, homeowners spend in excess of $6,000 per year in renovations, upgrades, and maintenance. Older generations are more likely to spend big bucks on upgrades. Boomers spent an average of $7,524 in the past 12 months, while Gen X-ers spent $62,582 and Millennials spent $5,693. But Millennials are 18 percent more likely to complete projects that Gen X-ers and 42 percent more likely to do projects than Boomers.



Regardless of the demographic, most homeowners are always looking to make improvements in one way or another and to save money in the process. Whether you’re looking to complete some major renovations or want to beautify your dwelling on a budget, we’re sure that you are looking for possibilities that will have some positive return in the future on your investment. Here are some ideas that may help you get started.

Update your kitchen. Kitchens are a natural place for friends and relatives to gather at your home and are a huge selling point. Many kitchens don’t require a complete overhaul to be efficient and look nice. Sometimes simple and less expensive modifications will update its look and create a homey feel. Window treatments, for example, should be kept to a minimum to allow light sources to shine through. In a kitchen, heavier, darker materials can both attract and display dust, dirt, grease splatters, and other mess, so it’s important to lean toward light-colored and lightweight fabrics.

Another way to spruce up your dining area is to change handles your cabinets that will highlight a new look or an accent color. Changing lighting options or doing some simple tile work like adding a backsplash can modernize your kitchen and draw together colors you want to highlight. Other ideas include removing a door or two to create a display space for china, glassware, or collectibles. You can also repaint cabinets or change your flooring to make your kitchen look completely different. Many kitchen makeovers can be quick, weekend DIY projects that can breathe life into your old eating area.

Renovate your bathroom. Why stop at the kitchen? Bathrooms are small rooms that can look great with simple changes and minimal cost. Redoing caulk and grout can revitalize tile work that doesn’t need replacement. Easy-to-use and inexpensive epoxy paints can help you refinish rather than replace your dull, worn out tub. Painting or sponging an accent wall and adding updated and trendy area rubs or toilet covers can also freshen up the look of your bathroom. Like your kitchen, you may want to consider painting your vanity or changing handles and pulls. Purchasing and hanging decorative art from top Shopify stores is another way to improve your bathroom.

Consider purchasing high-efficiency appliances or energy conserving improvements.  Purchasing high-efficiency appliances will be a huge expense but will have a serious return on your investment. Not only will you save energy costs over time, but they can also be a selling point when you choose to put your home on the market. New appliances not only save you money but can make a home interior statement in your kitchen. Small appliances like colorful toasters and contemporary copper blenders not only serve a practical purpose but also make a fashion statement in your home.

Improvements that are both aesthetic and practical are a double benefit for your home. Replacing doors and windows can both improve the look of your home and increase the energy efficiency. A new garage door is another item that makes an aesthetic statement but also contributes to energy conservation.

Don’t overlook the outside. Speaking of garage doors, don’t forget curb appeal. Improving the look of your home from the outside can be easier and cheaper than you think. Adding a flower bed border, using stepping stones to connect spaces, designing and installing a DIY water feature, and adding landscape lighting are inexpensive and simple ways to add value to your home. Creating yard islands and berms create interesting borders between your property and your neighbors’ or break up a monotonous yard. Choosing interesting and colorful foliage only adds to the updated look of clean, organized landscaping.

What are some simple, inexpensive, or creative ways you have improved or redecorated your home? Share the household projects you’re undertaking in the comments section below.