If you want the best single storey extensions Staffordshire, you should know that vetting contractors which provide this service will be the smartest way to access the cream of the crop. Your single storey extension will be an investment and you deserve the ultimate in workmanship and materials for a fair price.

We recommend checking out at least three or four contractors before making a final decision about whom to hire. When you use our tips, you’ll find that the selection process is simpler!

How to Get Started

This popular form of home improvement will give you access to more space and it may also boost the resale value of your property. If you can’t move, but want another room to enjoy, then this type of extension is the answer!

When shopping around for a contractor, start the hunt by using a detailed search term in Google or your preferred search engine. For example, add “single storey extensions Staffordshire” to Google and then see which companies pop up in the search engine results.

After you do this, check the first trio of companies on the list. These companies will be popular. They were at the top of the search engine results because a lot of people visit their websites. So, this is definitely a good starting point. You’ll basically get an instant short list of contractors which are right in your area and which provide the service that you’re looking for.

The next step is investigating the reputations of these companies. We recommend making a list of three or four companies which ranked highly in Google. Then, one by one, add the company names, plus the word, “reviews” to the search engine and submit the search request. Look at feedback for each company on the list. Is there one which gets much better reviews than the rest? There is great value to checking out reviews for contractors, because the official websites of these contractors are going to be filled with marketing materials which are not impartial.

If you find that some of the companies on your list get bad reviews, scratch them off the short list. Focus on visiting the official websites of companies which do get superb reviews. See if you can find online galleries which showcase their work. In particular, look for pictures of single storey extensions if you can find them! Also, look into company backgrounds by checking the “about us” Web pages at these official websites.

It’s good to find a company which has been around for years. There’s really no substitute for experience. An experienced company will be able to build an extension in an efficient manner. When you’re paying for labour by the hour, this is really beneficial! A less-experienced company may run into snags which drag the job out…which means that you’ll pay more!

In our opinion, a superior company reputation and years of experience are the most important things to look for.

Once you find a company that measures up, reach out and ask for a consultation and quote. It’s smart to gather quotes from at least a trio of highly-rated contractors. Don’t skip this important step! Also, look for a company which provides a work guarantee. After you’ve found the right company, approve the quote and then prepare to enjoy a new single storey extension in the foreseeable future!