Are You an Introvert or an Extrovert? Interior Design Ideas That Will Suit Your Personality

Real estate developers like Louie Santaguida and their interior designers always aim to give homebuyers what they want. If you’re trying to design or re-design your home, you should strive to come up with a plan that will suit your personality and taste. In this article, I’m going to help you design your home but first, let me ask you – are you an introvert or an extrovert? Because your answer will dictate which design ideas will work for you!


For Introverts

Embrace your type of personality by picking any of these suggestions:

  1. If you prefer to connect with a person one-on-one instead of in a large group, I suggest you create plenty of smaller seating areas and nooks to encourage quiet conversations.
  1. If you don’t like being surrounded by other people, go for large unobstructed windows so you won’t feel as if you’re trapped or confined to a small space.
  1. If you enjoy alone time, you should create a place in your home that is truly yours such as a reading nook.
  1. If you like to do research before you make any decision, then it’s important that you create a plan for each room in your home before you decorate.
  1. If you dislike noise, then you should have a separate office space where you can work without being disturbed.

For Extroverts

People with extroverted personalities are social butterflies. If you consider yourself an extrovert, here are some design ideas that may work for you:

1.If you feel happy and energized in a crowded room, your home should have an open space design so everyone is always in a single, flowing environment.

  1. If you’re bored or lonely when you’re all alone, you can go for a circular or grouped seating arrangement so everyone is encouraged to join in the conversation.
  1. If you have the tendency to make impulsive decisions, then you don’t need to overthink about how to decorate your home. Chances are, if you like something, you’ll buy it.
  1. If you prefer working in a noisy environment, then it’s perfectly fine to make your space part of a busy area in your home (such as the kitchen).
  1. If you seem to have a fondness for clutter (it helps you become productive perhaps?) then designing your walls with plenty of abstract or attractive paintings, wall art or interesting pieces may be a good idea.

The challenge here is if there are two or more personality types in your household. If you are an introvert, for example, but your partner is an extrovert, you may find it difficult to decide which design ideas to go with and your styles may clash. What you can do is to accommodate both your tastes and reach a middle ground that will be amenable to you and your partner.