5 Ways To Tell If You Need New Patio Cushions

Do you have an indoor or outdoor wicker set that’s in great condition, yet have cushions that aren’t comfortable or attractive to sit on? Here are 5 ways to tell if you have old patio cushions that need replacing.

Have you let your wicker seats and cushions sit out in the elements without a cover? You’ll need replacement patio cushions if you see that elements have bleached and battered the once vibrant colorful fabric into a duller version of itself.

Mildew. If you sit down you may get a whiff of something funky. If your cushions smell like week old laundry from sitting in the rain or by being soaked from sprinklers, you’ll need to replace it.

Mold. Lift up your cushions and inspect them to see if there’s any mold growing. Mold grows in damp and dark environments and can be very toxic to breathe in. Wicker Paradise has suggested that this occurs when hot air doesn’t circulate and dry the fabric properly.

Fraying. Are there frazzled strings along the fabric from years of wear and tear? Upgrade to a thicker and higher quality fabric that won’t thin or rip so easily.

Holes. Annoying pests like rats and mice love to chew on fabric to build their nests. Keep friends, family, and pets healthy by replacing those cushions.

Sometimes it’s hard to admit when your old cushions no longer do what they were meant to. Getting new cushions from Wicker Paradise could help you beautify your home, patio, or backyard and are great for keeping guests comfortable.