As the summer months begin to cool and shift into fall, it’s time to start preparing for winter. Although there may be some time left before you turn on the heating system, it’s always a good idea to make sure everything is ready before the first fall of the leaves. If you feel you need some help this, employ the help of property maintenance services who will be able to make sure everything is in order. The last thing you need is to turn on the heater only to have it not work when you need it. Prepping the system now can also help the energy bills during those first weeks as the system becomes more efficient.

Roof and Siding Inspection

The smallest of holes in your siding or roof can lead to greater damages during the winter. You’ll want to periodically check the integrity of these surfaces to ensure your home doesn’t lose heat or is exposed to the elements. The smallest of holes can allow water into the structure causing greater damage later on.

Window and Door Seals

Sealing strips are inexpensive and can make a difference in how well your home retains heat. It can also improve energy efficiency during the summer months, so it might not be a bad idea to inspect the seals of windows and doors today.

Rearrange Furniture If Needed

Many homeowners don’t realize just how much heat they lose when a piece of furniture is covering a vent. During the cooler months, move the furniture away from these points to maximize air flow within the home.

Heater Maintenance

Keeping your heater properly maintained not only improves the unit’s longevity, but it can also ensure you have heat the first day frost sets in. Using companies specializing in HVAC systems can help you keep the unit working like new while making sure it’s ready for the winter.

Inspect Duct Work

Duct work can become compromised through a variety of situations during the summer. Make sure that all of the ducts are clear of debris as well as firmly connected. This prevents warm air from being redirected as well as preventing small animals such as mice from entering the home.

Even though it may still feel like summer, you should never wait for the last minute in order to get a plan together for keeping the home warm. The temperatures will drop before you know it, and you want to make sure the HVAC system is in prime condition. It will save you money in energy costs while making sure you have heat when the cool air sets in.