We all would be celebrating Women’s Day on 8th March and on various platforms many speeches would be delivered about the contribution of women in our lives. People would say that women now not only look after home and kitchen but have also taken initiative to join office and contribute financially to run a home. Call it the effect of modernization or globalization, a woman now keeps the capability to fit into any shoe, be it doctor, engineer, software, or director, etc. So, what all things can a modern woman wish to be gifted on International Women’s Day? Let’s take a look there.


Watch: Not only it is a great accessory but to keep your women right on time everywhere this watch is useful. Take up an all-black watch which is ultra-stylish and goes well with every color of dress she wears. A rose gold colored watch with a mesh band would make her simple t-shirt and jeans look into a thoughtful and sophisticated one.

Jewelry Holders: This is an accessory for the most treasured accessory – right?To keep the rings in place, you get some really cone shaped holders which would be great as a gift for her on this day. A tray or case with separate compartments would be fine for keeping the rings all in one place. This is useful because her valuable time would be saved in finding the matching jewelry while she is getting ready for office.

Pampering kit: A woman rather a modern woman is a working professional who looks after the house and also her office. So, a 24 hours working mind and body should not tear her apart. A bath and body kit consisting of bath salts to body oil, sea scrub to aroma oil would be a lovely for relaxation. Along with some flowers for women’s day, also get some clay masks that is just great to take care of skin. These days, fragrant candles are also very famous and to brighten up your space with something soothing, a set of scented candles can be gifted. She can light them up after returning from office and just relax a bit.

Handbags/purses/backpacks: A modern woman is not scared of delving to jungles or mountains alone. In fact she would promote travelling alone so that you can come home more educated. In this journey she would require some sexy backpacks – right? Backpacks are smart and attach a certain statement to one’s personality and are good for back. A smart laptop case is also a great choice which gives you a better grip while carrying it. A small and cute make up bag would also be lovely as a mother’s day gifts.

Technology: Now when she is reigning over office also, she is well-equipped with all the technology around her. There is a smart writing set from Moleskine where you get a special pen and notebook to write notes and that can be transferred to your tablet or smartphone. So, your time is saved form typing it again in PC or laptop. A portable USB charging block can also be given as a loving gift. You know some really smart jewelry can be programmed to vibrate when any vital notification comes in so that she doesn’t have to worry about missing replying to her boss’s e-mail or mom’s call.