Years by years, the furniture in the house was changed. Not that you’re bored with the furniture and wanted to throw it, but because its function can no longer use. For example, a baby changing table that is now no longer need or teak cabinets that form is not in accordance with your minimalist home. To add to the budget as written on could purchase new furniture you sell the old furniture – passing a garage sale for example. However, selling furniture certainly not as easy to sell food or cosmetics. In order to sell quickly, do the following trick.


Brown color furniture might be considered not up to date anymore because now most of the furniture used white or brown very young to show the wood fibers. If you sell a wardrobe, a table, or chair, it could not hurt to paint it back to make it look more clean and modern. Fix the broken part and if freshly painted drying some time to remove the scent of paint.

Give attractive prices

Do a survey to find the appropriate price. Consider the shape and size. If no damage and you are rarely use it, the furniture may be sold slightly lower than the market price. Add paper or placard with a percentage discount that buyers are increasingly interested and are considering buying it.

Selling the new couple

If not far from your home is the new home for sale or you meet a couple who are looking at houses in the complex area of ​​the house, try to offer your furniture to him. Offer if your furniture is durable, sturdy condition, and the price is cheaper than the market price.

Selling on e-commerce and provide bonus

Look for e-commerce that is reliable and get good testimonials from buyers. You can sell on the e-commerce. Give bonuses for purchases, for example, buyers will also get a bonus irons, fans, or air freshener.

Consider the postage

There are some buyers are reluctant to buy goods if it turns out the item price does not include postage. Because sometimes the shipping cost is more expensive than the price of goods.

Do a survey of prices of goods delivery

If you get a fairly reasonable price, add the price of the sale price. So when you promote it, you can indicate if the price includes postage.

Give an affordable price

Before you make a sale of furniture, you could first conduct price surveys, in order to find a more appropriate price. Also, consider the size and shape. If there is no damage, or rarely use, selling at a price slightly lower than the market price.

Selling furniture to the web for online purchase

Search the web buying and selling online can be trusted and used by many users. By using a web purchase, you will get a good impression of the buyer, other than that you can also receive a testimony. To better at attract customers, do not forget to give a bonus when purchasing, as the buyer will earn bonuses former or fan board traces.