The Natural Cowhide Rug
Pairing industrial or minimalist finds with organic elements is one of the latest trends to hit the decorating scene. Nothing is more organic than a cowhide rug. From the asymmetric shape to the feel of the hair, it looks natural yet sleek in any design scheme.
Domestic Rusticity

Design trends have embraced rustic, country elements for the past few seasons. Cowhide has traditionally been used in western themed décor where it is still popular but it is now becoming a conversation-starting way to add organic elements to any design.
With their irregular organic shape, cowhide can add a welcome surprise to an otherwise stuffy room. When used in a study, they can accentuate leather chairs and become the piece that adds the cowboy touch. Clean minimalist lines can be used accentuated by the sweeping edges of a cowhide rug.

Natural Beauty

Cowhide has a beauty that only the natural world can create. Design patterns of authentic rugs are one-of-a-kind. Spots, stripes, and brindle patterns create a sense of movement that is hard to duplicate. Colors can range from pure white with rich browns, blacks, red, yellow, and grays allowing them to either stand out or blend depending on the color scheme of a space.
Faux cowhide rugs have the luxury of being able to be dyed, opening another world of color coupled with the strengths of organic elements like shape and texture. Even neon colors are not out of reach creating an opportunity to perfectly meld organic and modern.
Whether in the office, living room, entryway, or bedroom, cowhide can be used in almost any room as a floor covering, throw, or blanket. Designs that use two or more rugs make a statement. The use of multiple rugs makes the floor a with a monochromatic color scheme.
Patchwork cowhide rugs are another striking option. This type of rug accentuates the texture and pattern of the hair without the unpredictability of the natural shape. Controlled lines with unpredictable pattern create mystery and charm.


Nature has a way of producing materials that are meant to last. Cowhide is exceptionally durable to normal wear and tear. With the proper care, this type of rug can last for years. Through professional tanning and chemical treatments, they don’t give off any unpleasant odors or lose hair quickly. Hair also has the benefit of being hypoallergenic for those that suffer from allergies.

Typically, rugs come from longhorn cattle that do not develop a heavy winter coat. The hair from this breed lays flat and maintains a soft silky feel even in heavily trafficked areas of the home. Color patterns will be maintained as the color doesn’t fade over time.
Cowhide rugs are a unique way to bring a touch of western flare to your space. With the plethora of colors, patterns, and shapes available you can find the right rug to complement your room.