Muted pastels

It has been creeping in all over, muted pastels are finding their way into homes across the globe. The popular trend has been seen in art, fashion and even wedding designs. These colours add brightness without being distracting or an eyesore.

The perfect palette for a home. The best part is you can simply take a picture of what Taylor Swift wore to the Grammy’s, and voila, the exact colour will be mixed for you. Apply liberally to all areas of the house that need a hint of colour.

The pastels that we see more often are muted, more so than you might expect of pastel colours. Paint manufacturers have managed to deliver exactly what the public wants which is faded pinks, dusty blues and sage greens.

Jewel tone studies

On the other hand the dark brooding colours of the study are back. The rich mahogany furniture juxtaposed with charcoal blue and teal. Neither pastel nor jewel tones are just for hair colour for millennials anymore, we’re buying houses now, and if nothing else; they will be trendy.

Paint suppliers mix colours according to your specifications. This means you can find colour combinations and swatches online for a perfect combination. Simply take a high resolution photo of the furniture to ensure the colour matches the hue of the wood.

Blushing Bathrooms

The pride and joy of the 1950’s is rearing its rose-y head: the pink bathroom. This fashion trend is back in mute. As rose gold has become the be-all and end-all of colours, blushing shades of coral, salmon and champagne pink are all the rage.

Paint suppliers have grown with millennials in the real estate market recently. If you want a caramel Frappuccino, the colour can be mixed to the specific coffee brand you refer to. You can build your home to reflect the colour that makes you happy, down to the exact hue, tone and value. You can even decide if you want a matt or shine finish, why not both? Your home is a blank canvas and we provide the colour.