UA-4 series

The table also has a new form structure “u”. The “u” shape guide along with the bottom crossbeam makes the design simple but without affecting the function. Double splints plus round tube design increase the distance between splints to improve the supporting area. “Y” round shape tube design beautiful and practical.

Technical features Roller coating:

Table Tennis is our product which is fully absorbed in, we adopt the most advanced

Coating roller, which can prevent dust and spraying during production, to protect

Workers and environment. The MDF board should be gravel and then printed by roller coating.

So the painting can be poured neatly as much as 100{cb37868839f307833624f19700ed5e37426cbadd39950566d637d30b5086a160}, while painting thickness can be

Controlled less than 1mm, so the surface is very smooth, which is less than 8 degrees Luminosity.

And the friction coefficient of not more than 0.6. For more info you can visit Folding Table Legs UK.

Technical features of printing screen:

In white line printing table, we adopt our special printing oil, and better technique of display

Printing is very flexible and can be oriented precisely. The line is printed very clearly. This is possible

Ink to penetrate through silk screen holes and scraper ensure silk screen to contact

Tightly with the table and prints just above it. The high quality white PVC screen ink used is not easy

To be damaged by scratching, peeling and going off. The colors can remain shiny and brilliant

For five to six years.

Fold system:

A single folding table

Double folding table

Locking system:

As a basic standard, we are equipped with a key for every table model making sure the customer

Safe when using our table.

To progress, we have a System Guard (LGS) key to provide and lighten up on opening

And table closure

Ease of storage:

Storing tables can be a headache but we think it is to keep it at a minimum.

Satety system:

Some of our VSIX tables are in compliance with European Standard EN14468-1.