Working in pest control in Caboolture is much like working in other semi-urban parts of South-East Queensland. In the subtropical climate around Brisbane there used to exist a mix of grasslands and forested areas, and in the area around Caboolture just to the north of Brisbane things are no different. Being built on a floodplain there are also many creeks and tributaries that flow through the Brisbane area. In the Caboolture region these mostly originate from the Lake Samsonvale and the mountains to the west. This mix of natural terrain and abundant water made the area prime position for local wildlife to take up residence.

The name Caboolture is derived from the Yugarabul dialect meaning “place of the carpet snake”. This shows how abundant wildlife in the area would have once been. Snakes need other small animals, reptiles or marsupials to feed on to survive, so just based on his name we can tell that area would have has a prolific amount of fauna in it before urbanisation. While some of this wildlife has obviously moved on since the area became such a popular suburban hub, much of it still remains. Since there are still quite a number of farms and natural areas around Caboolture, pest controllers work in the region always quite busy. As mentioned above the area was always popular with snakes. Only recently due to the expanding spread urban homes has become a real problem.

It is now extremely common for local residents of Caboolture to require the help of a pest control expert in the area due to a rose snake having entered their house. Often these snakes are harmless but most parents do not want snakes living in close proximity to their children regardless. Snakes however are not the only form of local wildlife or pest per se to affect the resident of this Shire. Possums, a marsupial native to Australia and commonly found in the majority of areas around urban centres here, are also often considered a pest. While fairly harmless to humans and generally avoidant, possums are a concern for pest controllers around Brisbane because they disrupt the sleep of residents by fighting each other, scampering across roofs, and scratching at walls during the night.

Through careful pest management and maintenance of properties where possum invasions are common, the requirement for pest control can be reduced. Stopping possums from entering one’s home or climbing onto the roof of the dwelling is usually not a large concern for residents however so often possum control is not considered until a problem already exists. By barricading any entry points into the ceiling of a residential dwelling and trimming trees around the home that act as highways for the possums, problems with these cute marsupials can be minimised. Preventative maintenance as mentioned above however is not a high priority on the list of many of the residents of Caboolture. This means that the popularity of pest control callouts for possum removal will likely continue into the foreseeable future.

Aside from snakes and possums, there are a number of other animals, birds, and insects that pose a threat for residents around the North Pine River. Scrub turkeys manage to be a menace wherever they are found. They scratch up garden beds and build mounds out of leaf litter wherever they go. This can be a massive hassle for any avid gardener or small-time farmer. Turkeys can be hard to discourage once they take up residence in any particular area, so the skills of a pest controller to trap and relocate turkeys of the required. Rodents and insects such as cockroaches which are typical pests around most of Australia and the rest of the globe also like to frequent Caboolture Shire. Pest control companies have their work cut out for them between rats, mice, cockroaches, and the many other bugs and critters can be found in the region.

Due to the abundance of pests in Caboolture, there are a large number of pest control companies that work in the Shire.