In this Sign In 2017, many changes are happening in the Google Search view, from the Start of its many Ad slots for Google Ads, Then, it appears the category of web each label content.

Until that I think the Most Good for Selling Houses is Featured Features Snippet and Google My Business, 2 This technique is included in the Local SEO Category. Visit for complete information about SEO.


Local SEO or local SEO According to SEO Index is an effort to optimize your business website in search engine for local search. The local search itself means searches that use the keywords of the geographic region. As I mentioned just now, “hotels in Bali”, “web developer Jakarta”, and the like.

The next question is does your business need local SEO? If your client is mostly from the surrounding area or comes directly to your place, the answer: Need! But the concept of local SEO also does not close the opportunity for your business owners based online to bring in more clients.

Currently, most of which utilize local SEO in Indonesia is mostly still hotel or other property. Imagine if you want to sell your house and your name appears along with ratings, reviews, addresses, phone numbers, and photos in Google search results. The searcher would prefer you instead of the one that does not show up, right? If you’re looking for good quality of SEO service, get in touch on


Before proceeding, for those of you who do not understand about SEO it’s good to follow Free SEO Learning this. Basically, all SEO techniques in general also apply to local SEO. But there are some additions to the on-page optimization section.


All elements in the SEO guide should be applied in your business website. Because in the local SEO geographic area is very influential, then the location of your business becomes a significant keyword.

Therefore, include the geographic keywords in your title and meta description. If possible, also add geo-keywords to URLs and content. Also important is to include the business name, business description, address, and phone number on every page of the website.

If you understand HTML, include markup for local businesses based on Placement of a good business identity to appear on all pages one of them is in the footer of the website. Placement at the top will be better, but do not interfere with the function of the website.


BASED ON DATA RELEASED BY GOOGLE, LOCAL SEARCH 80{cb37868839f307833624f19700ed5e37426cbadd39950566d637d30b5086a160} DONE FROM MOBILE DEVICE (HP, TABLET).

Looking at the magnitude of this percentage then no wonder that Google prioritize a mobile-friendly website.

Not only that, if your website is not friendly for mobile devices then prospective clients will be difficult to get information.

Creating a responsive website is now not difficult, so there really is no reason not to create a mobile friendly website. You can get the best way to build your website on