Having a dilemma between using Laminate or Hardwood floors? There are a number of features which enables us to distinguish Engineered real wood flooring from Laminates.

Engineered wooden floorings are made out of multiple layers of hard real wood and finished with a veneer of solid wood (is. Oak, Walnut & etc) on top. Laminate wooden flooring’s core is made primarily from melamine resin and fiber board materials. It is then coated with an imprinted texture on the top, making it look similar to real wood. This results in vast difference in appearance as laminate floorings are imprinted on the top layer, whereas engineered flooring preserves its natural grains.

With having imprinted textures on a fibers board, you may easily tell a laminate wooden flooring from afar and easier close-up as the prints are repeated after a number of installed planks. On the other hand, engineered wooden flooring uses fine hard

D wood veneers which never repeats and this is formed by the natural slicing of real wood.

Floor Board is a type of engineered flooring and this gives off a natural and warmth feel of nature to your home. Compared to laminate’s imprints, engineered wood will definitely give you the look and feel of real wood flooring!

Looking to add a new flooring to your home? Well, wood should definitely be your choice of flooring! Our engineered wood flooring is made from 100% real wood and it will definitely add character and value to your home. With the natural grains of wood, it will bring a sense of nature and warmth to your space.

Spending most of the time in your home and especially in your bedroom, you deserve a comfortable atmosphere and wood should be the way to go! Wooden flooring is also timeless – they don’t go out of style like designed carpets or even tiles. This makes wooden floors one of the most favorable choice of flooring especially for bedrooms to date.