Your bedding can impact how well you sleep at night and how rested you feel the next morning. Uncomfortable bedding can leave you feeling stiff and achy, impacting your ability to carry on with daily activities as planned. If you have plans for a mattress replacement, you may have already taken a closer look at mattresses in your local area and online. The unfortunate reality is that mattresses can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars, and this may not be in your budget.

Many people would love to invest in a new foam mattress. Foam is a soft, pliable material that provides adequate support. While supportive, it also allows you to sink comfortably into the material so that you can enjoy softness while you rest. This may be the type of material that you want to invest in, but it may not be suitable for your budget.

If you are looking for a more affordable alternative to investing in new foam bedding, you can consider foam inserts. These are special products that are made out of the same material that foam bedding is made out of. Rather than replacing your entire bed at great cost, you simply place a foam insert over your existing mattress.

The Foam Factory recommends that you replace mattresses as frequently as every seven years, and this isn’t always cost-effective. You can easily enjoy the benefits of new bedding while paying a fraction of the cost when you invest in new inserts made out of foam.