As the head of the household, you should not wash its hands of the affair altogether cleanliness of the house even though you have a housekeeper. Thus, you can maintain a clean and healthy home in an emergency without a maid. House cleaning skills you need to know is the practical ways that do not sacrifice on business, social interaction, and family.For more information you can visit Brisbane South.

Moreover, knowing the ways of cleaning the house quickly will be very helpful when one day you decide to not use the services of a maid again and choose catching up on the cleanliness of your own home with family members.

How to manage your time well to clean

When the maid was on leave, you do not need to think about clean-up methods of zero. You need to think about is when you will do it. You do not need to also sacrifice other activities as long as you’re smart set when housewives among other activities, for example:

  • Clean-up display in his spare time and replaced cloths and curtains in the living room.
  • Run the washer at bedtime so you can immediately hang her wash in the morning. If your washing machine has a time delay feature, set the time to be completed not long before you wake up.
  • Utilize time after cooking and eating to immediately clean the kitchen appliances.
  • Spend 2 hours on weekends for mopping floors and wiping kitchen surfaces.
  • Schedule family social work once a month to handle a wider area, such as ceiling, glass windows, courtyards, and a bathroom.
  • Follow the clean-up schedule was run maid.

Key points:

  • Continue to schedule and routine cleaning maid was run according your spare time
  • Let the washer works while you sleep, so you can immediately hang the laundry the next morning
  • Wash utensils simultaneously more efficient than one-by-one