When you’re traveling – whether for business or pleasure – the last thing you want to worry about is the safety of your valuable items, like jewelry, watches, cash or travelers’ checks, or important documents. And while it might be easier to simply leave home without those valuable items, that’s not always practical, either. If you’re traveling on a luxury vacation, for example, you want to have your beautiful jewelry at your disposal. On other occasions, you may need those documents or rare collectibles with you while you’re conducting business.

That is where hotel safes come in.

Items like diamond jewelry, high-end watches, money, and even handguns can usually be left in a hotel safe without any hassles. Most luxury hotels already offer an unmatched level of security; after all, their clientele demands it. So when you are staying at a five star establishment, you can feel that your belongings are generally going to be in good hands. Of course, a hotel safe is instrumental in helping provide that sense of security and well-being.

In addition to the hotel security itself and the improbability of a would-be thief gaining access to your room, the hotel safe adds another layer of security to help protect your valuables. And travelers need not fear that hotel staff can open the safe, either, since hotel safe combinations are customizable by the guest. So even though you might be away from home, your valuables are nevertheless under your exclusive control.

Hotel safes are often designed to be integrated into the furniture of the hotel room, mounted to the wall, or mounted to the floor — which prevents the safe itself from being taken from the hotel room. They are also unobtrusive, even stylish, and will blend right in with the room’s decor without causing any aesthetic issues. The craftsmanship that goes into hotel safes makes them both beautiful and effective.

Most electronic hotel safes require a four-digit security code to unlock them, and that key can be individually configured by the guest him- or herself. Therefore, the valuables remain protected for the duration of your stay. However, in the event that you forget to remove your items from the safe before checkout, the hotel management will have a master code for each safe.

Part of the enjoyment derived from traveling comes from the feeling of being pampered, knowing that your every need will be addressed. The world’s finest luxury hotels, resorts, and chalets all understand this, and they work hard to give their guests a top notch experience — everything from the thread count of the sheets to the coffee served at breakfast will have been well thought out and chosen with the guests’ comfort in mind. The same is true when it comes to the measures taken to ensure that both hotel guests and their personal possessions will remain safe and undisturbed for the duration of their time at the hotel. Hotel safes may only be a part of the safety equation, but they are a crucial part.