Homeowners not only want durability in the new floors but they also desire a unique visual appeal to glorify their dream home. Vinyl Plank Flooring can provide both to the homeowners; it provides longevity that no other flooring provides. GoHaus Vinyl Plank Flooring is the ultimate plank flooring that is designed to provide a real wooden texture and look at an affordable cost. The homeowners can get a treat by installing the vinyl plank flooring in every room of their house which is an extra bonus of GoHaus luxury vinyl.


The GoHaus luxury vinyl plank flooring is the best for homes where the humidity prone areas need better protection. The vinyl plank flooring in the humid areas such as kitchen, bathrooms or basements best suit your needs, and the best thing is that all of the vinyl plank floorings is Floor Score Certified, which means it is of excellent quality that meets the standards of indoor air quality. The vinyl plank flooring is the kind of resilient flooring option for every home; it can also be used extensively for commercial use.

The most amazing thing about the vinyl plank flooring is that it gives the feeling of a real wood installed in the house. It maintenance requirements is low, and its cost is already discounted for the elegant homes who make a wise selection to make their purchase with GoHaus. The process of installation of vinyl plank flooring is simple and easy; it takes lot less effort to install the vinyl plank floor as compared to engineered or solid wooden flooring.

When it comes to water resistance, the vinyl plank flooring offered by GoHaus does not expand like wood and provides the most durable feel ever. GoHaus offers two types of luxury vinyl floor products; Utility, Pro, and Click. These durable products are unique because they have a great wood finish and the design patterns are not repeating it over and over again. It has the much more natural finish, for example, the Utility product has a two-millimeter thickness. This product is best for the low traffic homes. The home office or a small family is the best example of a low traffic home.

Pro is an even better product from GoHaus; it possesses a thick layer of 0.5 millimeters from the sides, the overall thickness is 3MM  which makes it an ideal product for the high traffic homes or the commercial spaces where some people are in large quantity. Homes with active pets can use Pro design for the best care of pets. The third type of vinyl plank product is Click and Lock product that is the perfect product that is easy to install and needs nothing more than a utility knife to fit. It is 4.3MM thick and can be easily installed over any subfloor. One more unique aspect of the clicked product is if there is a damaged plank, it is incredibly easy to replace.

The GoHaus perfect vinyl floor products make homes perfect with their durability and affordability. Improving everyday life starts with the GoHaus. Find out all about the great products of GoHaus by clicking the link http://www.gohaus.com/vinyl-plank-flooring and save yourself from paying more for quality products.