When it comes to finding accommodation as a student it can be difficult to know where to start, and the chances are you don’t really know what’s available and what the options are. At Fusion Students we offer next generation student accommodation in a number of cities throughout the UK. We focus on providing modern and practical housing for students with all the facilities they require to not only thrive in their studying, but to ensure they enjoy their time at university.

Modern Student Accommodation in the UK


When Fusion Students first came about it did so with the aim of catering to every need of a modern day student. Whereas some individuals simply want somewhere basic to lay their head, others seek an unforgettable university experience. Whether you are looking for student accommodation in Cardiff or student accommodation in Nottingham, you will receive the same great choice of amenities.

The team at Fusion Students is made up of some of the UK’s leading architects, art directors and designers and the skills these people bring to the table has allowed us to create student accommodation that caters to a student’s every need.

Social Spaces vs. Study Time


University isn’t all about studying in the same way it isn’t all about going out and having a good time; we find it to be an even balance of the two and that is reflected in all of our student accommodation. At Fusion Students we do not simply focus on spacious and clean rooms – though they are and all are equipped with a desk and study area – but we also focus on the communal aspect. All our student accommodation residences have an excellent social scene thanks to the range of communal areas on offer. There are games rooms with flat screen TVs, club lounges which are perfect for predrinks and even party rooms that can be booked out for student use.

But, let’s not forget university is for studying and turning in those essays on time and revising for exams is vital. Fusion Students understands that student accommodation can get noisy and out of control, so we’ve built state of the art study rooms and silent areas for peaceful study. So whether you’re in student accommodation in Newcastle or student accommodation in Bristol, it isn’t difficult to get to work when inspiration strikes.

Fusion Students Locations

Fusion Students student accommodation is available in many major cities throughout the UK, including Bristol, Newcastle, Cardiff and Nottingham. To find out more about the residences or for more information on Fusion Students, get in touch! Contact us today on 0117 911 3943 or get in touch via our online contact form.