The house with an attractive look and feel is everyone’s dream. To achieve maximum aesthetics, you do not need to spend much money.

You can do five simple things to make a difference in order to feel better, and interesting:

  1. Let the light and air into Your House

The house is very likely feel stuffy. Large furniture or drapes can block incoming light. By allowing light to enter the house and do the installation of air conditioners, your home will be noticeably brighter and fresher. Many ways in which to perform the installation of the AC room in the house or office. Starting from considering this type of air conditioning, the room size, capacity and voltage AC electricity used. However, of all these things, it turns out choosing a suitable place and the right also to do well. Not only, displays the visual beauty of a room, but also in order to avoid premature damage. Here is how to do the proper installation of air conditioning rooms, either in a closed room (indoor) or any open space (outdoor)

  1. Installation of air conditioning in an enclosed space (indoor)

First, when the installation of air conditioning, it is advisable to install the air conditioner at the rear entrance. This is done so that cold air is not quickly lost to the outside if the entrance is opened, thus keeping the room stays cool in accordance with the wishes of the homeowner.

Second, avoid placing the AC was on top of other electronic items, such as televisions, computers and other devices. It is intended that the remnants of moisture droplets AC does not directly fall into other electronic devices. In addition, it could also avoid damage to other electronic devices when AC leak.

Third, if you are installing air conditioning in the room bedroom, avoid installing it directly opposite the bed. Select the other side of the bedroom as a side or corner of the room near the room.

  1. Installation of air conditioning in the room Outdoor (Outdoor)

Who says AC only be installed in the house alone. This time we will share how to do the installation of air conditioners outside the home or are in an open space.

First, if you want to install air conditioning in the room is open, the first thing you should do is make sure the air circulation going well. Also do not forget to use special pipe to avoid oil does not flow and make a mess.

Second, Avoid installing the air conditioner that is too close to the window. The goal, is to ensure that the reflection sound that resulted AC emit noise.

 Third, when you want to install air conditioning at home outdoors, we recommend using a split air conditioner, because it is very simple, small and lightweight making it easier to be installed or may be in service.

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  1. Clean any messy pile

You need to have a schedule of cleaning and organizing prevent dirty pile higher. The dirty pile could be anything, such as clothing or dishes.

  1. Brush the main floor

Dirty floors always make a home feel dirty. Starting from dust, pet dander, up pieces of food, should be washed immediately. Do it more often in the room that you visit most often.

  1. Remove barriers

Removing obstacles could mean physical things like taking the bins located at the front door. Additionally, you can also remove the obstacles by rearranging the living room to make the traffic flow a little better.

Barriers can also be a sort of metaphysical, mental problems, such as thinking that you can not add color to the room because you can not paint the walls or afraid to add a particular color.

  1. Bring plants into the house

Many people are happy with a bouquet of fresh flowers. But flowers are not the only part of nature that can make a home feel connected to the environment.

Take a walk outside around the house or in your yard and find a branch, spruce, or anything that allows it to be brought into the house.

See it every day will help you feel more connected with nature even if you are stuck in the room. Repeat the search for branches or grass when it begins to wilt.