You do not get to rent a dumpster daily or weekly. In fact, you might have never rented one before, so you are probably unsure of a few things. At pride ourselves in offering quality and reliable dumpster rentals at affordable rates. Before you rent a dumpster, there are a few things you
should know.

Here are some facts regarding dumpster rentals.

There are different sizes

There is a variety of dumpster sizes, ranging from 10 to 40 yards. As for front load dumpsters that are meant for permanent use, their sizes come in two, four, six, and eight yards. You can rent the dumpsters for a given period; which is usually seven to eight days. If you are wondering which size you require, our experts will guide you on the most suitable size.

There are weight limits

Every dumpster you rent will have a given weight limit. Exceeding the limit will result in over tonnage fees. When you visit our offices, our project managers will guide you in choosing a suitable dumpster as per the type of project you have. They may ask a few questions such as how long the project will last, the kind of waste you feel your project will create and the kind of trash you will be throwing away. For instance, if you need the dumpster for a kitchen remodeling project, you may require a 20-yard dumpster.

Different wastes require different dumpsters

A common misconception is that anything goes into any dumpster. While this may be partly right, it is not applicable at all times. Take, for instance, you might use any dumpster for a relocating project, but a construction project might call for a heavy bin. It is because construction wastes such as concrete are massive and a relatively heavy dumpster is needed to counter the weight. On the other hand, wastes from a relocation activity are comparatively lighter, and thus most bin materials are suitable. Another restriction is the kind of waste thrown in the dumpster. The landfill charges items such as paint cans and tires an extra cost.

Book in advance

Before you begin your project, you ought to make a dumpster booking. While we offer same day service, it is not guaranteed. Calling in advance gives us ample time to prepare your order so that we deliver it as and when needed. Our timelines are based on the availability of dumpsters in the area. All the same, we are likely to be able to provide dumpsters as soon as the next day after you make the order.

You may require a permit

If you are planning to place the bin within your compound, you need not worry about having a permit. However, if you will need to put it on public or shared property such as on the street, you may require having a permit. When you check in, our project managers will check to see if you will need a permit. All the same, do not worry, we take care of the license requirements then include the additional cost to your overall charges.