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Tips for Protecting Your House during a Renovation

Even though you are most likely working in only one area of the house as you renovate, your whole house could take a beating if you are not careful. Heavy tools, sawdust, poor air quality and nicks and scrapes can damage floors, walls and ventilation systems as well as your own health. Here are five simple ways for you to protect existing features in your home during your remodel or renovation.

Remove and Protect Items in the Area

Start by taking everything moveable out of the room. Of course, this includes rugs, furniture and window coverings, but it also includes hardware, such as light switch plates, curtain rods and vent covers. Tightly cover those items that you cannot remove but that you want to protect, such as flooring or countertops. Heavy-duty Surface protection from Trimaco can make this a breeze.

Protect the House from Dust

Nearly any renovation project will produce loads of dust. This can come from sawdust, drywall, carpeting and much more. To keep it from swirling around the rest of your house, close off the area or room to be remodeled with a thick plastic sheet secured around the doorway. You may also want to tape air filters or furnace filters over cold air returns in the area to keep dust from entering your furnace.

Create a Path

To protect the rest of your floors from paint, mud and dirty footprints, set up a path for walking to allow the workers to get from the nearest door to the renovation area. Lay down old carpets, heavy-duty paper or even plastic sheets.

Clean Regularly

Despite your best efforts, you will still see increased dust in the rest of your home. Vacuum or wet mop daily, being sure to clean your vacuum’s air filter. After vacuuming, you can then dust your furniture. You will also want to vacuum furniture and other upholstery more regularly.

Change Your Air Filters

Your furnace filters are sure to get dirty and clogged faster than ever. Change them twice as often as is recommended, and consider purchasing the filters that are designed to trap numerous allergens.

If you are hiring out your renovation work, your contractor should be doing many of these protective tasks for you. However, if you are working by yourself or if your contractor does not seem to care about protecting the rest of your house during his work, be sure … READ MORE

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How To Make Your Home A Home

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