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Beautifying Your Home on a Budget

Purchasing, maintaining, and beautifying your home is a costly proposition. From the moment you offer a down payment to the day you sell it, a home is a costly undertaking. A recent survey conducted by Home Advisors found that, on average, homeowners spend in excess of $6,000 per year in renovations, upgrades, and maintenance. Older generations are more likely to spend big bucks on upgrades. Boomers spent an average of $7,524 in the past 12 months, while Gen X-ers spent $62,582 and Millennials spent $5,693. But Millennials are 18 percent more likely to complete projects that Gen X-ers and 42 percent more likely to do projects than Boomers.



Regardless of the demographic, most homeowners are always looking to make improvements in one way or another and to save money in the process. Whether you’re looking to complete some major renovations or want to beautify your dwelling on a budget, we’re sure that you are looking for possibilities that will have some positive return in the future on your investment. Here are some ideas that may help you get started.

Update your kitchen. Kitchens are a natural place for friends and relatives to gather at your home and are a huge selling point. Many kitchens don’t require a complete overhaul to be efficient and look nice. Sometimes simple and less expensive modifications will update its look and create a homey feel. Window treatments, for example, should be kept to a minimum to allow light sources to shine through. In a kitchen, heavier, darker materials can both attract and display dust, dirt, grease splatters, and other mess, so it’s important to lean toward light-colored and lightweight fabrics.

Another way to spruce up your dining area is to change handles your cabinets that will highlight a new look or an accent color. Changing lighting options or doing some simple tile work like adding a backsplash can modernize your kitchen and draw together colors you want to highlight. Other ideas include removing a door or two to create a display space for china, glassware, or collectibles. You can also repaint cabinets or change your flooring to make your kitchen look completely different. Many kitchen makeovers can be quick, weekend DIY projects that can breathe life into your old eating area.

Renovate your bathroom. Why stop at the kitchen? Bathrooms are small rooms that can look great with simple changes and … READ MORE

Durable Material for Your Minimalist Home

Strong door material is an important part when you build a house. The door not only functions and gives a beautiful impression. Doors also need to have materials that are strong and durable, allowing you to use a long time. On this occasion, Diminimalis will provide information about strong door materials for the house. You can see various unique doors here  Unique Iron Doors
Below we review some of the strong door materials for your minimalist home, spelled out the materials in question are:

1. Solid wood

Strong material is solid wood. This type of wood is undoubtedly strong. General solid wood as the front door due to weather resistance and salt-containing air. Solid wood now comes with a more attractive design from classic, modern to minimalist. The treatment is fairly easy, which is lacquered and painted periodically.

2. Vinyl

Another strong ingredient is Vinyl. The advantages of this material are resistant to air, not noisy and anti-corrosion. Vinyl also has a more artistic appearance by giving a variety of colors and motifs. Vinyl prices are relatively more affordable compared to other door materials.

3. Steel

Steel is a type of material that is known to be resistant to weather and is able to withstand sound well. No wonder the ingredients are manifest as a gate. Now steel can be applied in several other parts of the house. Steel door creation can also be equipped with a variety of flexible models.

4. WPC

Have you ever heard of the door ingredients on this one? WPC stands for plastic wood composites. As the name implies, this material is made from a combination of plastic mixed with wood powder. The advantage of this door is that it is resistant to termites, mold, moist and the fire spreads.
Those are some strong door materials. You can use several areas of the house both interior and exterior. Although strong, the door also needs to be ordered properly. And making a cat will make the door look more attractive. The attractive door certainly makes the house more beautiful and comfortable.
Thus our explanation and description of praise about some strong door materials for your minimalist home. You can also read our article about the problem of wooden doors that often come and are easy here, hopefully useful.… READ MORE

How to Buy Second Hand Furniture Online

There is a growing demand for second-hand furniture online. After all, the used furniture pieces look almost like new and are available at a fraction of the prices for the new one. In fact, when you browse for those used furniture pieces, you come across some unique designs and looks that are impossible to find in the regular markets and usual furniture outlets.  All you need to do is look at the right direction and find a furniture courier that can deliver the piece you want right at your doorstep.

Here are some tips on how to look for used furniture items and enjoy the whole experience.

  • When you start looking you would come across a large number of online stores selling used furniture items. Look for websites with good referrals and reputation. Their online stores should be fun and interesting to navigate as well as user-friendly.


  • Ensure that you get what you see. Stay away from websites that just past pretty images of the furniture. Although the furniture is second hand, it still needs to be in top quality and good condition. After all, you would want your home to look beautiful with those pre-loved pieces of furniture.


  • As you browse the online gallery, you should be able to filter results efficiently and get visuals and the description. There should be a section for e Favourites that allows one to keep track of what they liked. The website should be user-friendly and easy to navigate as well as offer great customer care.


  • It is a good idea to look for second-hand furniture from hotels as those pieces are definitely going to be in a much better condition and are almost like new. Check out classifieds, newspapers, and word of mouth about the local hotels renovating and selling furniture.


  • Another good place to look for used furniture is the auction sites with their sections of furniture. One can certainly come across some quality second-hand furniture here that is worth the quality and price.


  • The description of the furniture piece should be well detailed. The website should offer complete details about the age of the furniture and its condition. The dimensions given will give you a reasonably good idea if the specific dimensions are the right fit for your space.


  • One should always try out furniture before they buy it if it is possible. It
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